The Meaning of Wedding Bands Through the Centuries

Wedding rings with meaning have been around for much of human history but that meaning and the symbolism behind the rings. Wedding ring symbolism goes all the way back to ancient times where women have worn wedding bands as symbols of their marriages to their husbands. Over time, the wedding ring symbol became adopted by men have and they began to wear wedding bands as well. Wedding rings are made of precious metals because they symbolize something valuable that has been given to the one’s partner. Today, there is a lot that goes in to wedding ring symbolism.

The unbroken circle symbolizes eternity while the physical wedding bands symbolize everlasting love, love that will continue into eternity. The roundness of the circle symbolizes a wholeness, or a completeness that is the modern expectation of a marriage. As you can see, the circle is a big part of wedding ring symbolism. Men and women trade these wedding rings with meaning, symbols of everlasting love and inseparable bonding, with the idea that their love will last as long as the rings they exchange.

Egyptians were some of the first people to use wedding bands. The circle was a powerful symbol in Egyptian society, symbolizing immortality or never-ending life.

Using a ring as a symbol of a marriage symbolized never-ending love. It was thought that the fourth finger of the hand contained a special vein that was directly linked to the heart, creating a connection from hand to heart. The left hand was chosen over the right because it was closer to the heart, strengthening the connection.

The wedding band is thought to symbolize eternal love and eternal commitment to one another. This is why the bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony along with the exchange of wedding vows. Wedding bands have become an outward symbol of love between a man and a woman and a symbol of their commitment to each other. Wearing those rings in the community tells others of a couple’s commitment to each other.

Women have traditionally been given engagement rings as a symbol of the intent to be married. When a woman goes through the marriage ceremony, she can then wear the wedding ring and the engagement ring together. A woman may choose to wear her wedding band under her engagement ring, closer to her heart. A woman may also choose to wear her wedding band on top of her engagement rings , symbolizing bring the spirit of the engagement love into the marriage. Some women choose to simply wear their wedding bands and forgo wearing the engagement ring at all after marriage.

Today, wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes. Many couples choose simple wedding bands that match each other. Others choose more elaborate bands, some made of platinum or titanium and others decorated with gemstones or diamonds. Because wedding bands are meant to last a lifetime, choosing a wedding band can be a major decision.

Many people choose simple wedding bands and have them engraved. The engraving would be on the inside and could include the wedding date, the names of the couple, or both. Engraving wedding bands has become a popular option.

Many people try to choose wedding bands that suit their personalities and have a sense of timeless style. These rings are meant to last an eternity and to be worn continuously.

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