Creating a Heritage: Choosing an Engagement Ring to Hand Down the Generations

Round Cut Antique Diamond Engagement Ring (0.40

When it comes to choosing a perfect and unique engagement ring, many women use their own criteria for making the ultimate selection. From diamond solitaires to engagement rings with sidestones, the final decision usually rests upon the tastes and style of one person, and one person alone: the bride-to-be.

But if your bride-to-be wants a diamond engagement ring that can be handed down from generation to generation, then you’re in luck: this kind of woman has a classic taste that will echo down the years. It’s the greatest gift to give to your descendents: a beautiful reminder of a family love story that will endure forever.

For the bride-to-be who is conscious about creating a heritage, choosing an engagement ring is no ordinary task. You’ll have to search beyond the celebrity styles and trends of today in search of tomorrow’s classic diamond engagement ring.

Luckily, you won’t have to do it alone – the experts at are here to help!

Look for Engagement Rings with a Vintage Feel. Vintage engagement rings have a major benefit in the search for hand-me-down success: they’re already considered classics! Also known as an antique engagement ring, these diamonds are usually 50 years or older, and have survived the trends of multiple generations. However, this rule is flexible, as even rings that are 10 to 15 years old can be considered vintage if they’ve exchanged hands.

If you want to purchase a perfect diamond engagement ring with plenty of family history already behind it, search for an antique jeweler or online shop that specializes in selling beautiful rings with a story.

Avoid Contemporary Designs. Contemporary engagement rings are exactly that – contemporary. If you’re looking for a ring that will always be considered stylish down the generations, then don’t buy a diamond ring that’s considered “trendy” or “contemporary”. These will always be evocative of a certain time, instead of allowing your future offspring to create their own stories with your heirloom. For a safe bet, experts recommend eschewing trends for two classic cuts: the diamond solitaire and the diamond princess-cut. Additionally, choose a white-gold or platinum setting for your family heirloom, as the diamond can better maintain its classic look and feel.

Know the Designer. Like many diamond engagement rings, designer names carry just as much significance today as they did several years ago. That’s why it’s so important to pay careful attention to the design and craftsmanship of the diamond ring, as these will be the key features that can transform your family heirloom into a timeless family treasure. Be sure that all diamonds are certified, and tuck those certificates aside for when it’s time to hand down your diamond engagement ring.

Of course, a family heirloom doesn’t have to adhere to classic standards; in fact, many families often choose a diamond engagement ring that’s significant to the family name or heritage. From love knots and family motto inscriptions to Celtic rings, choosing the perfect heirloom engagement ring can be as simple as celebrating your family ties, united by your undying love.

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