How to Pick the Perfect Man’s Wedding Ring

When it comes to wedding jewelry, there’s no denying that all eyes are typically focused on what the bride’s wearing. From the gorgeous luster of her diamond engagement ring to the beautiful color of her wedding ring, the bride certainly gets to revel in her fair share of admiration. But that doesn’t mean that the groom should miss out on all the jewelry fun!

Wedding bands for men are getting increasingly diverse and stylish. While men were typically limited to only one option – a plain silver or gold band – modern jewelers have really taken men’s wedding rings up a few notches.

If you’re shopping for a wedding ring for your man, you don’t have to go the traditional route. There are a variety of fun styles for you and your loved one to choose from – and we’ve outlined some of the most popular.

Diamond Wedding Bands for Men

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean men don’t enjoy them as well! Diamond wedding bands for men are becoming very popular; in fact, next to the traditional plain band, it’s become the most popular selection for couples. Rather than a large diamond placed on the center of the ring, diamond wedding bands for men typically feature much smaller diamonds embedded throughout the band.

Another popular design for men’s diamond wedding bands includes a small solitaire diamond place at the center of the ring. This can be a wonderful complement to the bride’s diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Fancy Wedding Bands

Diamond wedding bands aren’t the only men’s rings getting a lot of press these days. Fancy wedding bands have become all the rage, especially in the gay community. These rings feature embellished and personalized designs that seamlessly blend together gold and silver metals. Fancy wedding bands for men can include two-tone metal designs, cross-cut centers, and many more.

Celtic Wedding Bands

If you’re looking to honor your roots, then you’ll love Celtic wedding bands for men. These gorgeous and flawless designs blend together a range of Celtic designs that represent honor, love, and family. It’s the perfect wedding band for a couple who have Celtic roots or who love the look and feel of Celtic wedding bands.

On your wedding day, don’t let your bridal jewelry be the focus of attention. Instead, share the spotlight with one of these gorgeous wedding rings for men!

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