Which Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go On?

There are many ways to wear rings and jewelry, but when it comes specifically to a wedding ring, there are traditions and norms that you’ll want to follow.

A wedding ring is meant to go on your left ring finger, which is the finger right next to your left pinky.

Coincidentally, a promise ring and engagement ring are also worn on the same left ring finger.

Because of this tradition, women began “stacking” their rings, meaning they wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring on the same finger. Stacking rings is popular because it creates a unique and beautiful layered look. It’s very similar to stacking bracelets on your wrist!

What’s the History Behind the Wedding Ring Finger?

Here’s a fun fact: the earliest recorded history of the wedding ring dates back to Egyptian pharaohs. We also have evidence that rings existed in the time of the Roman and Greek dominion.

But what does this have to do with the history behind the wedding ring finger? And why is the left hand specifically the wedding ring hand? Why not your right hand?

Well, in ancient civilizations, it was widely believed that the left ring finger had a vein that is directly connected to the heart.

Ancient healers thought that if you were sick, pinching the vein in your left fourth finger would alleviate the ailment. Looking back, of course, we think that’s silly, so it’s a good thing that modern medicine has come a long way!

People in the past also thought that putting a ring on that finger would keep you healthy, as the ring would push down on that vein all the time. Specifically, they used gold rings because they believed that gold had restorative properties. In fact, whenever they felt sick, they would rub the ring of gold into their skin along with a pinch of Saffron.

Even after modern medicine revealed that wasn’t true, people continued to wear their wedding rings on their left fourth finger.

So… it’s likely we continue to use that finger out of tradition, more than anything else.

This story also explains why the plain gold wedding band is a classic.

For some of you, that might lead to another question: when was the diamond wedding ring created?

The earliest record of a diamond wedding ring comes 1,000 years after the gold wedding band became the standard.

In the 1300s and early 1400s, the diamond wedding ring was slowly increasing in popularity. Back then, however, they prized diamonds for their hardness, not by their brilliance. This meant that the diamond was uncut.

Over the centuries, the style of wedding rings changed. This was pushed by people who wanted a unique wedding ring. It was the demand for something new and different that led to so many design changes.

But despite these evolutions, one thing remained the same: the left ring finger is where couples wear their wedding band.

We encourage you to check out the most popular gold wedding bands and unique wedding rings today!

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