How Many African Kids Could Celebrity Engagement Rings Feed?

schneidr1What if we could take the value of a celebrity engagement ring, a needless object, and use it for good and apply it to the needs of the world?

230 million people live in Sub-Saharan Africa without food. It is estimated that 6,250 children die every day from hunger and related causes. According to the World Feed Programme, if celebrities donated as much money as they spend on diamond engagement rings , they would feed millions of starving African children.

Eva Longaria’s emerald cut 5-carat $500,000 diamond engagement ring would feed 10,000 starving children in Africa for a year. On the other hand Mariah Carey’s 15-carat $2,500,000 engagement ring would stop the hunger of 50,000 African children for a year. If Paris Hilton would donate her 24-carat $4,700,000 emerald cut diamond engagement ring, she would help 90,000 starving African children for a year.

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