Types of Unique Engagement Rings as Celebs Flaunt Them in Style!

As celebrities like Katy Perry and Kate Moss show off their unique engagement rings much to the awe of the fans, you can also look to buy such jewelry for your partner without having to empty your pockets in the process. Such accessories have quickly become popular in the last few years, and threaten to surpass the conventional jewelry business soon.

As younger couples look for sleeker and unconventional designs, here are some of the most prominent types of unique engagement rings you will find today:

* Colored Gemstones – While most women (and men) would prefer a diamond as the central stone, colored gemstones seem to be making their ground fast. A lot of couples seem to be choosing colored gemstones as their preferred version of a unique engagement ring. Another advantage that makes such stones popular is the ease with which you can complement your personality and character, which is almost impossible to achieve with diamonds.

* Exclusive Metals – All-metal engagement bands are not only exceptional but also visually appealing. Metals like platinum, yellow gold and white gold are the popular choices in this regard. Using only metals as constituent material has the advantage of engraving tailor-made designs and messages onto the bands. This usually enhances the visual appeal of the jewelry, unlike with conventionally designed diamond bands.

* Going Culturally Traditional – You can also opt for traditional jewelry, which can actually turn out to be a unique engagement ring of sorts. Irish Claddagh jewelry or jewelry that adheres to the Irish Catholic traditions is a great alternative option against the usual styles. If you are experimental enough, you can also look for Turkish puzzle rings, though locating these may need some online research.

* Alternative Designs – A host of other customized designs are available, especially if you are deft at searching for the same online. From diamond solitaires with add-on gemstones to bands that use pressure instead of prongs to hold the central stone in place, there are options aplenty as far as unique engagement rings are concerned.

However, to make a perfect buy, you must keep in mind the purpose of choosing a unique engagement ring.

Online research is often mandatory to locate the perfect deal as far as distinctive jewelry is concerned. Portals like ’25Karats.com’ provide you with a great catalog of unique bands and jewelry, albeit at reasonable prices for you to choose from.

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