Women search for the engagement ring before they find the perfect mate.

According to the customer statistics from one of the online jewelry stores, single women shop for their engagement rings before they find their perfect mate they hope to marry.

The web-based data has been collected through a combination of backend website analytics and information provided voluntarily on customer inquiry forms over a period of 10 years.

Half of all single women in the data who visited the website browsed primarily in the engagement ring section of the website. This observation led to more clues to conclude that there is a tendency whereby women who shop for an engagement ring search for their perfect ring before they find their perfect mate.

Since women choose their perfect ring beforehand, guys should be careful what their perfect mate really wants. They should follow the hints that their future bride-to-be gives them. Yes! Women gives men the hints. If you didn’t realize those clues yet, open your eyes to see how she looks at her married friends’ rings or which engagement ring she looks at when you both pass the jewelry stores.

If you are ready to pop the question, don’t waste your time. Ask your perfect mate who is her favorite celebrity jewelry wearer. Go online, search for the most popular engagement rings, hot celebrity engagement rings. You’ll find the perfect ring that will dazzle her.

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