5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement rings

1. Flaunt it like Beyonce

Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z is considered to be one of the richest individuals in the music industry and is renowned for his lavish lifestyle. So, it was only natural for him to go all out when promising his undying love to his lady love by presenting her with a stunning 20 carat ring. The highlight of the ring was, without a doubt, the dazzling diamond, worth 18 carats, embedded at the heart of the ring. The cost of the ring – a cool $5 million.


2. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known more for her off-screen antics rather than her on-screen talents. But you have to admit that the girl knows how to live it up in style. She managed to make media headlines with her $4.7 million engagement ring. Her fiancé Paris Latsis got her a huge rock encrusted with diamonds of 24 carats. Hilton initially thought that the band was too bulky for her liking and so she got herself a simplified model from Cartier in due time.


3. Donald Trump – Melania Knauss

Extravagance is something of a middle name for Donald Trump. The business tycoon made certain that his marriage to Melania Knauss made the headlines when he gifted her with a gorgeous wedding ring, known as the Graff diamond ring. Popular as “The Lord of the Rings”, the wedding band came with a price tag of $2 million but the price seemed to be justified considering the fact that several handpicked diamonds went into the making of the small piece of jewellery.


4. Keep it like Kim

One of the most engaging relationship dramas of recent time also featured a giant diamond engagement ring. Back when Kim Kardashian getting married to Kris Humphries, he spent $2 million to get her a gorgeous engagement ring. However, the marriage hit the rocks only after 75 days of nuptial. After that, Kris wanted the ring back but Kim was simply not prepared to disown it. The battle still continues.


5. Jacqueline Kennedy- JFK

John F. Kennedy adored his lady love, Jacqueline Bouvier, more than life itself. He did not hesitate to prove his love when the time came for them to get hitched by spending a whopping fortune on their wedding band. Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding band still remains the epitome of style and elegance with its tapered baguette designed complimented by an emerald in the middle and mounted beside a clear shimmer of 2.88 carats. The surface was further adorned by lots of tiny diamonds. The ring is said to have cost $1.5 million.                   Source: December 19, Yahoo news

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