Engagement rings belong to the purchaser!!!

A New York man accuses his ex-fiance swindling $58,000 engagement ring. According to The New York Post, after they ended their engagement, she refused to give him back the engagement ring.

Forty-two-year-old Roger Adler proposed to forty-one-year-old Rena Hope Friedman after a 6-week of courting. Adler states that since the beginning of their relationship, Friedman pushed Adler to get married. 12 days after their engagement, Friedman wanted to break up with Adler and refused to return the ring. According to the court papers, Friedman was previously engaged with another male and the engagement ended under same circumstances.

According to Adler’s lawyer: “There is a case law states that engagement rings belong to the purchaser.”

According to a CNN.com report, engagement rings are categorized under property when it comes to law; however, each state is different in interpreting what that exactly means.

In California the law states that it depends on who broke off the engagement. If the person who gave the ring breaks off the engagement, then they give up the gift.

New York law says that engagement rings are conditional gifts and must be given back.

Kansas and Montana are the only states that have a law that say once a gift is given, it cannot be taken back – even engagement rings.

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