Get a New Wedding Ring on Every Anniversary

Would you like to keep the romance alive in your marriage by gifting her with a new ring on every wedding anniversary?

Every year, a new anniversary ring would remind you the day you promise to each other and it symbolizes the path that you decided to walk for a lifetime journey. Since the diamond wedding bands represent that your love will be everlasting and strong as much as diamonds, the hardest mineral on earth, it’s perfect to make it as a tradition. So why don’t you bookmark every year with a stunning diamond wedding ring?
Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott is one of them. Dean McDermott is keeping his promise to buy Tori Spelling a new wedding ring every anniversary. “I love the tradition Dean has started. Every year when he slips it on my ring finger, it reminds me of the day he made me his wife and we started out amazing journey together as one. I can’t wait to one day pass on my amazing wedding band collection to my kids and their kids,” says Spelling, who is mom to daughter Stella, 11 months and son Liam, 2.

The 35-year-old actress and Dean McDermott celebrated their third anniversary on May 7, and Tori was delighted when Dean gave her an antique French band.

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