Idex Online offers eBay Direct Sales Channel

testmovikIdex Online, the first online international diamond exchange designed for diamond jewelers and dealers, offers eBay Direct Sales Channel to reach buyers quickly, efficiently and easily. IDEX Online provides the best-available selling and marketing platform to reach more potential customers on eBay.

IDEX Online, eBay and GemStoneKing developed a ground-breaking e-commerce platform that integrates IDEX Online Guaranteed Diamond TransactionsTM onto eBay via the GemStoneKing-eBay retail store. This hassle-free new direct sales-outlet will automatically bring diamond sellers directly to consumers and will keep the goods working 24/7.

The new system automatically screens IDEX Online’s entire inventory of over 350,000 certified diamonds – valued at more than $3 Billion – to identify and offer stones meeting the buyer’s specific desire.

All IDEX Online diamond suppliers in good standing are eligible to participate in this service and it’s totally free.

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