Unique Engagement Ideas That Are Sure To Impress

From simple and sweet to wildly romantic, the perfect engagement starts with an interesting and unique proposal. Remember, this will be a time that your sweetie has always dreamed about ever since she was a little girl: the moment where the love of her life takes out a diamond ring and declares that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

If you’re ready to pop the question with an engagement ring, but aren’t quite sure how you want to propose, then use these perfect engagement ideas that are sure to not only impress your sweetie, but set the tone for your new life together. Start to practice getting down on one knee and opening up the ring box to reveal fine diamond jewelry!

25karats_engagement rings

The Psychic Trick: Get a good friend (preferably one that your sweetie isn’t too familiar with) to help you with this perfect engagement idea. Have him pose as a psychic and give him plenty of innocent secrets about the two of you, so that when your sweetie phones him, he can seem authentic. Get him to predict a unique engagement ring in the future – and when she hangs up the phone, get down on your knee and reveal that predicted diamond!

For The Travel Buffs: Travel has never been cheaper – so why not take advantage of the cheap travel industry by whisking your sweetie away for a five-star proposal? Get her to take a Friday off (or a whole week if the two of you can afford it), but don’t tell her where you’re going. Whisk her away to the airport, where you’ll have plane tickets to an all-inclusive resort at hand (three night stays at all-inclusive resorts can range from $200 to $500). Have a sign asking her to marry you waiting for the two of you on the bed in your resort. By the time you bring out the engagement ring, she’ll be swept right off of her feet!

The Best Radio Commercial: This engagement idea is perfect if she wakes up to a radio alarm clock every morning. Have her radio station play a commercial containing your proposal right when she wakes up – and don’t be surprised if she becomes so overwhelmed that she calls in sick to work that day!

Simple Yet Sweet: Sometimes the most romantic and perfect engagement ideas are those that are the simplest. If your sweetie has a routine – for example, she always has a cup of tea before she goes to bed at night – hide the diamond ring in the tea box. She’ll be so touched at how well you know her little nuances that you’re bound to get a resounding yes!

Engagement Ring Set Remember, the perfect engagement idea starts with considering what makes your sweetie – and your relationship with her – unique. More importantly, don’t forget to find a unique engagement ring at www.25karats.com, the ultimate provider of high-quality and affordable diamond jewelry!

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