Average Shopper Budgets $101 For Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Mother’s Day survey, conducted by BIGinsight, revealed that expected spending on gifts and outings this year will increase 11 percent year on year to $168.94 per shopper. Of those who celebrate Mother’s Day, or roughly 86 percent of respondents, 34 percent said they intend to buy jewelry this year, up three percentage points from 2012 and the highest level since the survey began tracking this segment in 2007.

The average amount shoppers expect to spend on jewelry was $100.55, up from $97.19 one year ago and the highest average so far. Those consumers who earn less than $50,000 per year expect to spend an average of $74.94 on jewelry, while those earning more than $50,000 plan to spend an average of $122.86 on their jewelry purchase for Mother’s Day.


Survey respondents also confirmed their intention to make purchases in a store, with 37 percent planning to visit a jeweler (or florist, gift shop or electronics store), 34 percent expecting to shop in a department store and 29 percent planning to buy online or in a discount store. The survey found that 65 percent of respondents purchase a gift for their mother or stepmother, 24 percent buy a gift for their wife and 11 percent for a daughter, rounding out the top three choices.

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Budgetary constraints will keep many families on the prowl for the perfect ”group gift,” according to  BIGinsight’s consumer insights director Pam Goodfellow. “This year, there’s no question mom will blush over the outpouring of admiration her family and friends want to bestow upon her.”


NRF’s CEO Matthew Shay said,  “After a long winter that kept many from splurging on any new spring merchandise, retailers are looking forward to opening their doors and surprising shoppers with promotions that are perfect for any gardener, host, fashionista or tech-savvy mom.”

The survey found that  traditional gifts, such as flowers, apparel, outings and gift cards, remained popular with the majority but this year interest in electronics  rose as well  with 14.1 percent of shoppers planning to make a purchase – the highest in the survey’s history.

Source: Jeff Miller, Dimanonds.net



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