Opulent jewelry on display at the GIA

New exhibit in Carlsbad features work by legendary designers Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson.

If you like jewelry and Hollywood, the two are the inspiration behind “More Is More: Tony Duquette-Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry,” which opens today at GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) world headquarters in Carlsbad.


“Black Prince of Pomegranate” Garnet, cultured pearl, blackamoor, 18K gold and “Pond Scum” Necklace made from malachite stalactite slices, citrine gems, peridot beads & emerald beads. Designed by Tony Duquette & Hutton Wilkinson. GIA

The show features the work of the two longtime collaborators, who created jewelry designs for more than 30 years. Duquette, who died in 1999, is the first and only American to be showcased in a one-man show at the Louvre in Paris.

Their long list of famous clients included the Duchess of Windsor, J. Paul Getty and Elizabeth Arden. Wilkinson continues to design for the “Tony Duquette Collection.”

Terri Ottaway, GIA’s museum curator, took some time from schedule to answer some questions about the exhibit:

What makes this exhibit unique?

The goal of this exhibit is to engage and inspire. To look beyond the gems themselves. To have fun. And to highlight a Hollywood legend.

Our museum isn’t a typical one because of what we do here at GIA – we teach gemology, jewelry design and manufacturing. Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson were unconventional in all of these disciplines, and to have an exhibit like this helps us teach a new world of gemology. By stepping outside the box, they were able to create wild, fun, avant-garde pieces; it’s a fashionable, yet unique way of looking at colored gems and ornamental material. These emblematic jewelry creations are extravagant, opulent and over-the-top … in the words of Hutton, “if it’s not fabulous, it’s meaningless.”

How did the exhibit come about?

We were introduced to Hutton Wilkinson about two years ago at a trunk show, and have been getting to know him ever since. His passion is infectious, and he’s really kept Tony’s aesthetic alive all these years. Hutton actually hand-selected the pieces in this exhibit himself, which include a combination of jewelry from private collectors and the Anthony and Elizabeth Duquette Foundation for the Living Arts.

Source: Utsandiago News


sterling-silver-and-18k-yellow-blue-topaz-ring white-topaz-peridot-necklace-pendant sara-blain-sterling-silver-bracelet sterling-silver-blue-topaz-ring sterling-silver-18k-yellow-gold-peridot-ring sterling-silver-morganite-topaz-designer-ring



















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