Diamonds are for everything and forever!

Do you have a picture of yourself having diamonds all over your accessories from head to toe? In Gujarat’s Diamond City,diamonds take place not only on necklaces, fashion rings, pendants, earrings or noserings, they are on leather belts, cell-phones, pen-drives, crockery, shoes and even collars of the pets.


Surtis just walk into a jewellery store with any kind of small accessories and ask for real diamonds to be embedded in it. Harshad Shah, a city-based businessman, uses a diamond-studded mobile phone. His phone has a skin of over 200 small diamonds with a cost of $8,000. Shah has also spent $2,000 on the collar of his German shepherd.

A ready-made garment wholesaler, Hitesh Gadhia, bought a Nokia phone and had it arrayed with 400 stones. Today, the phone is approximately priced at $3,000.

On the other hand, Kailesh Waghel, owner of an electric-motor manufacturing company, uses a diamond-studded pen-drive. He also uses that pen-drive as a pendant for his gold chain and it’s worth $2,000.

Diamond experts say diamond studded leather belts and sneakers are quite trendy in the Diamond City. Even a quality leather belt costs anything between $20-$40, it can go up to $4,000 after the diamonds embedded in. Moreover, you can easily spent approximately $4,000 on a nice pair of sneakers with the diamonds on shoelace clip.

Apart from manufacturing diamond jewellery, diamond dealers have separate expert teams of designers and stone-setters to set the sparkling stones in accessories and gadgets. The market for diamond fashion jewellery design is growing in India and is expected to grow real fast in couple years.

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