Trend: Emerald and Platinum Jewelry

Diamond Color Stone Ring (0.30


Emerald is voted as 2013 Color of the Year by Pantone. Reflecting the color of spring, emerald is the birthstone for May. It is also a traditional gift for those celebrating 20th or 35th anniversaries. The most valuable emeralds are a pure, vivid green with a concentrated, pure hue which does not include traces of other shades such as brown or yellow.


Emeralds are often associated with magic and mystery. The color of nature, they are said to promote a calm and peaceful spirit.

Almost all natural emeralds undergo treatment to improve their color and eliminate visible imperfections. For more information about emerald.




Platinum is naturally white and will not fade or change color. However, platinum jewelry will naturally acquire a patina – a special sheen – from daily wear. Some people prefer the patina look, but others prefer to have their platinum jewelry professionally repolished from time to time.



Naturally white, platinum will not cast any of its own color into gemstones making it the perfect setting for emeralds. Because platinum is naturally white, it maximizes the brilliance of all colored gemstones. Diamond color stone rings are trend of year.





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