5 Things NOT To Forget In The Throes of Wedding Planning

Here’s what no one tells you when you’re piecing together your dream wedding, years in advance of meeting anyone who even remotely qualifies as husband material: wedding planning is intense.

 myInstamessage1It could very well be one of the most stressful periods in your entire life. No one’s going to mention that when you finally get engaged either. (People don’t like saying that kind of thing to the bizarrely happy, I suppose.) If you find yourself dealing with a ridiculous amount of wedding stress,  make these your wedding mantras.

1. It’s just one day of your life.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big day – but it’s still a 24 hour day like any other – in fact, your wedding festivities may only take up 4-8 hours of it, depending on how long you intend to keep the party going. For better or worse, your wedding will come and go in a heartbeat – so whenever you get uber stressed about any specific detail, sit back with a glass of wine or an herbal tea, and just contemplate how awesome it’s all gonna be.


2. Obsess less.

There are bazillions of options for every possible aspect of your wedding – instead of exploring a solid third of them, try to avoid choice paralysis by only allowing yourself to fixate on any one detail for a few days, or a week, tops. At the end of the allotted time period, pick your faves, consult your fiance, and make a decision. Then sleep on it for 12 hours – if it’s still sitting well with you, put it in stone.

Focus on the big stuff first, the rest will fall into view as time passes to your date. Venue, dress, colors, and rings are the general majors. Once these are taken care of, everything else should come fairly easy.

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3. Outsource it.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by overloading yourself with DIY projects and wedding tasks. Ask for help with the creative stuff when you can, even if that occasionally means paying someone to do it for you. Unless you’re devoting yourself to wedding planning full-time, it’ll be worth it.

4. Take a step back from stressors.

Is something overwhelming you? Give yourself 5 minutes. If you’re in a high pressure situation, excuse yourself for a little bit – and if you’re feeling pressured to make a decision then and there, let them know you need a few days to think about it. It’s your wedding– don’t let anyone rush you into something you’re not comfortable with.

5. Do it your way.

You only get one shot at this – don’t be a silly for conventionalism, just because it placates more people. Pick the three things about your wedding that are the most important to you, inform all parties involved why they’re so important to you, and then refuse to negotiate on any of them. Then leave yourself a little wiggle room on the things you care less about.


Source: Style Me Pretty & OneWed & Pinterest

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