Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

It’s no wonder diamonds are a girl’s best friend – with the classic yet elegant simplicity of a diamond engagement ring, declaring your true love for your fiancée has never been more perfect, thanks to the timeless design of these graceful and extremely popular engagement rings.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are unique from other ring designs in that there’s just one diamond on the ring – hence, the use of the word “solitaire”. This means that the band which holds the single diamond up is not accented by any other diamonds, gems or jewelry; instead, the lone diamond represents the one love shared by two people who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings have been a popular trend since the 20s and 30s, when rings took on a more elegant shape. Since then, diamond solitaire engagement rings have been a popular design, with jewelry retailers often reporting that it outsells all other engagement rings.

However, just because there’s a single diamond on the ring doesn’t mean that it’s smaller or less significant than other designs! The diamonds on solitaire engagement rings are generally much larger than those of other rings, as the focus is entirely on the single stone.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings
come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you know your fiancée’s preference before you shell out for the ring (ask one of her friends to help you with this sneaky mission). There’s the classic round cut solitaire engagement ring– which is the most popular cut for diamond solitaire engagement rings – and a bevy of other beautiful cuts, including pear, oval and even heart-cut shapes. Princess cut engagement rings are also an extremely popular choice, as these cuts really highlight the clarity – and the size! – of the single diamond. Ask an experienced jeweler for assistance in choosing the right cut for your future fiancée’s engagement ring.

Bands for the engagement ring are simplistic, but by no means does this indicate that the engagement ring isn’t luxurious – far from it! Choose from either 14K gold or platinum bands to encircle your loved ones finger, as these precious metals give a hint of luxury without detracting from the gorgeous solitaire diamond. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of beautiful settings, including a prong setting engagement rings(where the diamond is lifted from the band), flush and bezel setting engagement rings. All will highlight the stone by pushing it up from the band, instead of stealing the spotlight from its brilliance.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings can be significantly cheaper than other designs, but this means that you’ll have a smaller diamond (typically less than a carat) on the ring. If you really want to take your future wife’s breath away, look to upgrade to a carat or more, depending on how comfortable you are with your budget. Remember, the diamond is the focal point of the ring, so don’t skimp on a perfect diamond that reflects the love that you share with your fiancée!

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