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3 Celebrity Engagement Trends Heading into 2022

When it comes to engagement rings and planning a spectacular wedding, celebrities set the benchmarks of what the next trends will look like.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the way celebrities celebrate engagements and weddings are the only way to do so. But if you’re interested in learning about the next trends before they arrive, then you’ll want to pay special attention to what celebrities are doing!

Here are the top 5 celebrity engagement trends we believe will shape 2022:

#1. Ovals Are In!

Take a look at these pictures from Hailey Bieber as well as Twilight’s Taylor Lautner.

And they’re not the only ones! Ariana Grande, for example, has an engagement ring that has a massive oval diamond. It is truly something that grabs your attention.

If you’re considering a ring with an oval diamond or gemstone, consider these best-sellers.

#2. Halo Rings are a Top Choice!

If you love theater, then you’re likely aware that living legend Kristin Chenoweth is engaged! If you’re not familiar with Chenoweth, the theater legend became engaged to 39-year old musician Josh Bryant in October.

She shared images of her engagement ring on Instagram, and we LOVE it!

If you’re not familiar, a halo ring is a setting that features a center gemstone. This stone is then encircled by accent diamonds, creating a “halo” effect around the centerpiece.

What makes Chenoweth’s engagement ring particularly stunning is that there are three oval diamonds surrounded by halos of accent stones.

If you’re interested in a halo ring, consider these top choices:

#3. Affordable, Platinum Engagement Rings

Yes, some celebrities go BIG! But that’s not always the case.

Kristen Stewart, who recently portrayed Princess Diana in the film Spencer, is engaged to her long-time girlfriend Dylan Meyer.

What makes this engagement ring so unconventional for a celebrity is the fact that Stewart’s ring costs an estimated $2,500.

Many celebrity engagement rings cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, but Stewart opted for a more affordable modern brushed platinum ring that features an angular design.

If you want something that is similarly unique and angular, you might want to consider square wedding bands.

Best-sellers include:

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