Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

After a proposal, it’s common for women to show off their engagement ring to family, friends, and followers on social media. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved, and many women are eager to show off their engagement rings to the world.

But what about men? Do men also wear engagement rings?

While some men wear them, others don’t. Some choose to wear their wedding bands instead. Others simply opt out of wearing one altogether.

In today’s world, so-called gender norms are taking a back seat as each couple chooses how to express their identity as a happily engaged couple.

So, if you’re wondering, “Do men wear engagement rings?” The answer is a solid, “It depends.” Traditionally, only women wore engagement rings after the proposal, but increasingly, more and more men are also choosing to wear engagement rings themselves.

In reality, this question is just a gateway to the follow-up question: “Is it ok if I personally wear an engagement ring as a man?”

And our answer is a resounding “YES!”

It all comes down to finding a ring you love and are proud to wear until your wedding day. Below are some factors to consider.

How Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Men who choose to wear their engagement rings often do so in various ways. They could wear them as a necklace, put them on their left ring finger, or even wear them on their right hand (as most women do).

The most common way that men wear engagement rings is by putting it on their left-hand ring finger. This is the same place where most women would wear theirs.

If you’re interested in wearing your engagement ring as a man, we recommend looking at these three options:

1. A Simple Ring On Your Left-Hand Finger

This is probably the simplest option for a man to wear his engagement ring. He can wear a plain band with a few diamonds or stones set in it, or if he’d like something different, he can add a setting for a diamond or other stone.

2. An Engraved Wedding Band With Diamonds Or Stones Set In The Center

Another popular choice for men is men’s diamond rings. These rings come in a wide range of styles, including solitaire rings, half-solitaire rings, and multi-stone rings.

3. Titanium Rings or Cobalt Chrome Rings

Titanium and cobalt chrome rings are becoming very popular among men. They look great and feel comfortable when worn. Both titanium rings and cobalt chrome rings have been around for years, but recently, they have become more popular because of how lightweight yet strong they are.

How to Choose A Men’s Engagement Ring

Men’s engagement rings are about expressing personal taste, style, and symbolizing the love present in your relationship! As such, you’ll need to find a ring that speaks to you.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a men’s engagement ring:

  • Look For Something That Makes You Feel Goo

    You should always start with your heart when shopping for an engagement ring. It doesn’t matter what type of ring you ultimately buy; make sure that it makes you feel good.

  • Consider How Much Money You Have Available

    When considering spending money on an engagement ring, remember to factor in any savings accounts or retirement funds that you may have available.

  • Think About What Style Of Ring Is Right For You

    There are many different styles of rings out there. Some people prefer classic designs while others enjoy modern, edgy looks.

No matter what ring you choose, 25karats has the best selection of men’s rings available!