Make This Year a Diamond Anniversary

A wonderful way to celebrate your wife is to present her with a diamond anniversary ring. Are you sick of getting your wife flowers to mark your anniversary? Then think bigger, with diamonds. It is especially meaningful to present your wife with an anniversary ring on your first wedding anniversary. But you can make every anniversary a diamond anniversary.

What is it? You already wowed her with a spectacular engagement ring before you were married. So, skip the solitaires for the anniversary ring! These rings are more like diamond wedding bands than engagement rings because they feature multiple diamonds. Women can choose to wear these rings on their left or right hands. While this ring does not need to match her existing engagement and wedding bands, it shouldn’t clash. For example, if her rings were platinum, don’t present her with a gold anniversary ring. If you need a refresher on what her rings look like, take a photo with you when you go ring shopping. If you can’t do that without her catching on, look to your wedding album. Chances are, there is a picture there of your clasped hands!

Gift Giving Ideas. The anniversary ring is all about the renewal of your love. Take this time to think long and hard about a gesture that would show just how much you care. If this is your first anniversary, plan a special day or evening around firsts. If you can plan a weekend getaway, make it a place you are both going to for the first time. Even if it’s just an hour drive away, get a change of scenery! Make it a point to go to a new restaurant, or find some fun new activity to try together. Go to a winery or take a pottery class. Do something out of the ordinary-to celebrate your special first anniversary! Then, plan a romantic dinner and present her with her anniversary ring. Consider a three stone diamond ring to symbolize your past, present, and future.

Regardless if it’s your first or fifteenth anniversary, remind her of your wedding day. Book a weekend at a nice hotel. Get to the hotel early and fill the room with mementoes of your wedding like photos and that type of flowers that she carried in her bouquet. If you can’t make it to a hotel, you can easily take a trip down memory lane with your wife at home. Go through your wedding album with her-and then present her with that beautiful anniversary ring!

Ring Tips. Think big with your anniversary ring. Jewelers don’t sell rings that are specifically designated as “anniversary rings”-so you should choose between fancy engagement ring and fancy wedding band styles. You should go with premium metals like platinum or palladium, and styles that showcase multiple diamonds. One breathtaking option is the eternity band. Symbolizing the eternity of your love, diamonds completely encircle the band and sparkle at every angle.

With an anniversary ring, you will let her know that you would marry her again and again!



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