Exciting Wedding Band Options

That wedding band is going to be a constant reminder of your love. So make this ring more special than the average piece of jewelry! Think outside the plain band box. These exciting wedding band options will make your ring stand out from the crowd.

Handcrafted Rings. Handcrafted rings are a unique and beautiful choice for this special ring. As you might guess, the bands are crafted by skilled artists, by hand. Each ring is a unique work of art. Popular (with good reason) designs include braiding techniques. This is when the artist takes bands of different metals (maybe platinum and yellow gold) and braids them together. The ring can have a Celtic feel with a tight braid, or more of a basket weave. These designs are often paired with beaded or beveled edging techniques. Handcrafted rings are also a great way to showcase delicate religious designs, like crosses and Hebrew prayers.


Antique Wedding Bands. Antique wedding ring options are a nice way to draw on classic designs for inspiration. These designs are usually some form of curving, often floral elements. Much more than a plain ring, antique bands are embellished and usually contain edging techniques. The edges may be beveled or milgrained, which is a technique that makes the edge of the ring look like the edge of a coin. While these rings are definitely ornate, it is still easy to find a masculine ring with a thicker band for the groom. Because of the many details in these rings, antique rings are also often handmade.


Fancy Wedding Band. Fancy wedding rings are all about impact. They combine bold designs with lots of details-and not to mention diamonds! One common design is for the ring to have large rectangular sections, mimicking the design of a certain fancy designer watch. Fancy wedding rings are also where you can see fun, creative finishes. Jewelers use sandblasting or satin finishes to five these rings an extra pop. Perfect for both men and women, fancy wedding bands usually feature many diamonds. The eternity band is the perfect example of this. This stunning ring celebrates the diamond-because diamonds completely encircle the band. This is definitely a great choice for the woman who wants a special wedding band, but there are also masculine options. Male eternity bands often feature channel-set diamonds encircling a wide band.


A wedding band isn’t some meaningless piece of jewelry. Since this is such an important ring, you need to give it the respect that it deserves and think about a special design.