How Much Does the Average Wedding Ring Cost?

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive.

But what about wedding rings?

Wedding ring costs vary based on a variety of factors, such as the material of the wedding band and the center stone.

We’ve found that rather than thinking of a hard dollar amount, most couples allot 3% to 5% of their total wedding budget on their wedding bands. This means that for a $25,000 wedding, most couples will spend $750 to $1,250 on their rings. 

Happily married couples have shared their tips on saving for a ring:

  • Know what kind of ring you want in advance. Do you want antique wedding rings? Or do you want modern diamond wedding bands? Is it important to you to have a matching wedding band? While you don’t need to know the exact rings in advance, it’s a good idea to have a general sense of what you want. This way, you can look at what similarly designed rings are selling for and save accordingly.
  • Save a little bit each month. Similar to saving for retirement, it’s recommended to save a portion of each paycheck for the rings. This makes the cost much more manageable and attainable!
  • Buy a ring online. Many couples recommend buying rings online because it’s cheaper and more affordable for the exact same rings! Plus, you don’t feel the pressure of a salesman trying to make a commission. Whether you want plain wedding bands, religious wedding rings, handmade wedding bands, or anything else, you can find it online!

The next question that many couples ask is:

“What are the most popular wedding rings?”

Our advice is to always get a ring that is meaningful to both of you. If that means simple gold wedding rings, that’s perfectly okay. But if that means something more unique, such as antique wedding rings, that’s perfectly fine, too!

Still, it can be helpful to take a look at current bestsellers to get some inspiration. Who knows… you might even find the perfect wedding rings for you and your spouse!

Elegant Wave Design Matching Wedding Ring Set

Step Edge Dome Diamond Wedding Band Set

Rolex Style Round Diamond Wedding Ring

Triple Incised Diamond Wedding Ring

Bestseller Tri-Tone Hand Woven Wedding Band

Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring

Chic Hand Engraved Milgrain Wedding Band

Some of the most popular wedding ring design categories include:

  • Antique wedding rings. For couples who want rings with unique stories and unique designs, this is a perfect option!
  • Religious wedding rings. Some couples express their faith as well as their love to one another with religious wedding bands.
  • Diamond wedding rings. There are endless arrays of different diamond shapes, cuts, and colors to choose from!
  • Plain wedding bands. For some couples, less is more. Opting for something plain like simple gold wedding rings is how they want to express the purity of their commitment to each other.
  • Matching wedding bands. What better way to express equality and partnership in marriage than with matching rings!