Top 11 Most Popular Wedding Rings Sets: For All Couples

His & Hers, His & His, and Hers & Hers Wedding Rings

To match or not to match?

While dating, many couples get matching sets of pajamas, coffee mugs, and even swimwear. Now that you’re engaged, why not wedding rings? 

Matching wedding rings sets are growing in popularity, quickly becoming a staple in the wedding industry. Couples view matching ring sets as an expression of their love and as a symbol of their equality in marriage. With his and hers rings, his and his, and hers and hers rings, couples can outwardly express their partnership and love for one another.

In the past, there used to be a bigger difference between wedding bands. During the Renaissance, for example, couples opted for Gimmel rings that were essentially like puzzle pieces, symbolizing two halves coming together to create a whole. Both the man and the woman had a Gimmel ring that would be joined or clasped together during the wedding, but only the woman wore the ring after the ceremony. 

As traditions and values progressed, wedding ring sets for him and her evolved to symbolize their equal union of marriage, which requires selfless teamwork. The rings in matching sets are similar to each other in tribute to your common goals, shared life, and shared love.

Below, we will showcase the 11 most popular wedding rings sets available today. 

But before we do a deep dive, let’s touch on some of the other benefits of matching wedding bands.

3 Benefits of Wedding Band Sets

Some couples opt to get complementary rings rather than matching rings because they want to show off their individuality and personality through their ring. In other instances, the couples can’t agree on what style looks best or what color suits their unique skin tones.

Despite these concerns, there are many advantages to getting his and hers wedding bands. These benefits include:

  1. Cost-efficiency.

    Wedding ring sets for him and her are similar to buying in bulk. Rather than getting two separate products, you are purchasing one product that happens to have two components. Many jewelers, including 25karats, have affordable wedding ring sets for him and her in a wide variety of styles, ensuring that you can get the best price for the style you want.

  2. A traditional look and convenient style.

    While some brides want a unique wedding, others want more of a traditional look. This is why many brides will wear the same gown that their mother or grandmother wore on her wedding day. Matching ring sets provide a completely elegant look for husband and wife. The consistent style, design, and look will only emphasize your love for one another!

  3. Convenience.

    There’s a lot of planning to do before the big day. It takes a lot of time to pick out one perfect ring, let alone two. By looking for a matching set that you can agree on, you save a lot of time. 

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that matching sets are increasing in popularity.

So, what are the most popular matching wedding bands?

#1. Elegant Wave Design Wedding Ring Set

This masterpiece is our bestselling wedding rings set: his and hers. The two-tone wedding rings feature a seamless wave-shaped cut that wraps around the center of the ring. The center of the band is brush (cross-satin) finished.

Couples choose this ring from 25karats because they can customize this affordable ring set. You can customize the width, color, finish, engraving font, and engraving text for his and her rings. This gorgeous bestselling ring is also available in 18K Gold, Palladium, and Platinum.

#2. Step Edge Dome Diamond Wedding Ring Set

This affordable wedding ring set for him and her is as beautiful as it is bold. Her ring is distinguished with 5 round-cut 0.05ct diamonds totalling 0.25ct. Both rings feature a domed body brilliantly outlined by shiny step edges. This set is perfect for couples who want to express traditional elegance with modern boldness. 

Like every other bestselling his and hers wedding set on this list, this set is also available in 18K Gold, Palladium, and Platinum. 

#3. Wave Design Diamond Wedding Ring Set

This elegant, flowing design features a carved wave cut that gracefully wraps around the ring. The wave design allows for two different finished parts: brilliance contrasted with a more muted finish. This allows the 3 round diamonds totaling 0.09ct on the ladies’ band to truly shine. 

Couples looking for affordable matching sets should highly consider this option. At 25karats, we offer free nationwide shipping, 60 day returns, and free resizing and engraving on all of our products. This is what makes us one of the most trusted jewelers in New York!

#4. Rose/White Gold Two Tone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band Set

This unusual and unique wedding ring set is as eye-catching as it is affordable. Many couples love this inexpensive wedding ring set because of its two-tone design. His and her rings feature a rose gold interior with a stunning white gold surface. Both rings come with princess-cut diamonds that sparkle brilliantly within the band itself. Both gold two tone rings are customizable, so couples can decide the color of their choice as well as the polish. Like other affordable matching rings from 25karats, couples have the option to engrave the ring with whatever they want.

#5. Color Duo Contemporary Low Dome Wedding Band Set

For couples who desire the gold two-tone feature but also want more differentiation between his and her rings, the Color Duo Contemporary Low Dome Wedding Band Set is the perfect choice. Her ring is sleeker and features a 0.25ct. T.w. channel set with brilliant cut diamonds that she will proudly show off. His ring is a little thicker and features the same white gold on the outside and yellow gold on the inside. This 14K white gold his and hers wedding band set continues to be one of our best sellers! Similar to the Rose/White Gold Two Tone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band Set, different gold color combinations are possible. 

#6. Stylish Fancy Design Wedding Band Set

This is a unique wedding ring set that features a beautiful floral motif all around the edges of the ring. The floral etchings are an eye-catching feature perfect for unconventional brides who want to show off something a little different. This affordable his and hers set can be customized to widths ranging from 5mm to 10mm. Couples can decide whether the center of the band is finished with high polish or satin.

Like all products from 25karats, this matching set comes with free resizing, 60 day returns, a lifetime warranty, and ships with a free luxury bamboo jewelry box!

#7. Dome Solitaire Wedding Band Set

This Dome and Solitaire set is an unparalleled choice for couples who want a more traditional 14K white gold his and hers wedding band set. Many couples love this affordable set due to its simplicity and elegance. One particularly eye-catching feature is the 1 Round-Cut Diamond in the center of his Solitaire ring. The diamond is graded G in color and SI1 in clarity. If couples prefer the diamond on her ring, simply let us know, and we’ll make sure your rings are exactly what you want!

#8. Bestseller Fine Grooved Fancy Designer Wedding Ring Set

This Diamond Carved set is one of our bestsellers for couples searching for unique wedding ring sets. Both his and hers have a fine wave shape with bright cuts at the center of the ring. Adding to the eye-catching design of the ring are two parallel bridge cut edges close to the outer sides of the ring. The rings come standard with a 7mm width, though couples can customize the width anywhere from 6mm to 10mm. Starting at just $653 per ring, this is one of the most affordable unique matching wedding band sets that we offer!

#9. Rolex Style Bestseller Wedding Ring Set

Rolex is timeless and classic, which is why this Rolex-style wedding ring set is one of our bestsellers. This is a classic yet bold look that is sure to impress. This masterpiece features 8 round-cut diamonds along the center of her ring. Each diamond is graded G in color and SI1 in clarity, weighing 0.05ct each for a total of 0.40ct. His ring features an unmistakable style that commands respect and showcases sophistication.

#10. Bestseller Tri-Tone Hand-Woven Wedding Band Set

This tri-tone hand-woven wedding band set is eye-catching, modern, and chic. This bestseller is an excellent option for couples searching for unique yet affordable wedding band sets. The tri-color braid sets this apart from two-tone rings. Both bands are 4.5mm wide and boast a satin finish. This ring is also available in 18K Gold and Platinum.

#11. Two-Tone Cross Religious Wedding Band Set

For couples who want to honor and pay tribute to their religious beliefs, this two-tone cross wedding band set is a popular masterpiece. The two-tone bands are 8mm, featuring a chic cross design that wraps around the entirety of the ring. Small braids on each side of the ring add an elegant touch that sets this religious wedding ring apart. Both rings are high polished. As always, rings through 25karats come with the option for engraving inside the band. Let us know, and we will customize your rings for you!

Why Order from 25karats

At 25karats, we know that your wedding day will be one of your life’s most memorable, meaningful, and important moments. Even after you exchange vows, your wedding rings will be a symbol of your love for each other. It’s important to invest in rings that you love and will be proud to show off.

Each of our matching ring sets comes with:

  • Free shipping
  • Free resizing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-day returns
  • Free engraving
  • Free luxury bamboo jewelry box

We genuinely want to make sure that you love your rings. 

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