How to Find the Right Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Love

If you’re gearing up to propose to your sweetheart with a unique diamond engagement ring, then it’s no understatement to say that you’re feeling the pressure. You don’t want your future wife to catch on that you’re about to propose – but how can you determine what her dream diamond engagement ring is without arousing her suspicions?

At, we’ve got you covered. There are certain types of diamond engagement rings that appeal to certain types of women – and if you know what your sweetheart’s fashion tastes and personality are like, then we guarantee that you have a head start on finding the perfect diamond engagement ring.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can determine which engagement ring is the one your future wife will love to wear for the rest of her life:
If you’re dating a fashionista: Does your sweetheart love fashion? Does she dress to match the latest designer trends? Does she have a soft spot for feminine activities like spa days, manicures and girly nights out? If so, then you’re dating a true fashionista. When it comes to diamond jewelry, a fashionista appreciates trends, but still likes engagement rings that retain an elegant and classic appearance. A princess-cut diamond engagement ring will delight any true fashionista.

If you’re dating a classic girl: The classic girl doesn’t follow trends; rather, she appreciates the styles from generations before. While the classic girl can pull off any look, she feels at her best when she’s in a simple ensemble, like jeans and a t-shirt. She knows she doesn’t have to spend loads of money to look her best. If you’re dating a classic girl, look for a solitaire-cut diamond engagement ring.

If you’re dating a romantic: The romantic girl loves the idea of a continuing love story. For her, love isn’t just for a lifetime – it’s an eternal feeling that can be passed down through the generations. If your girlfriend loves sweeping romantic movies, melts when you send her flowers and doesn’t have any qualms about sharing her deepest feelings with you, then she’ll appreciate a vintage-style diamond engagement ring. Look for teardrop rings, or ask her parents if they have an heirloom diamond ring that you can propose with.

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for your bride-to-be doesn’t have to involve surreptitious hints and intensive detective work. By getting in touch with your sweetheart’s personality, you can unlock the secrets to her dream engagement ring…

…Without her catching on to your proposal plans!

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