How to Make 2011 a Year She’ll Never Forget!

Happens once every hundred years!
The holiday season is full of occasions to celebrate with your loved one; from Hanukah and Christmas to New Years, there are plenty of opportunities to surprise your sweetheart with a memorable proposal, complete with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring!

However, you can make your 2011 even more special by taking advantage of a unique opportunity: proposing on January 11, 2011 (1/11/11). Whether you want this to be your wedding anniversary or simply a memorable occasion for your proposal, using this special date to mark your love has multiple benefits, including:

• An eccentric way to declare your love for one another – after all, not everyone can boast such a unique wedding or proposal anniversary, as it only happens once every hundred years!
• A guarantee that the two of you won’t ever forget this amazing moment in your lives, even when you’re old and gray!
• A perfect opportunity to let your sweetheart know that she’s special enough to turn an once-in-a-lifetime date into a day that’s all about her!

Ready to make 2011 a year she’ll never forget? Then follow these proposal tips to guarantee her only reaction will be an ecstatic “YES!”:

Find Out Her Perfect Proposal. If you want to turn 1/11/11 into the first day of the rest of your lives, then it’s important to find out about her perfect proposal. Does she want her family and friends there to watch you get down on one knee? Or would she prefer a more private proposal between the two of you? Is she a fancy-restaurant-proposal kind of girl, or does she prefer a more simple proposal moment? Remember, her proposal should be everything she’s dreamt of and more – so enlist one of her friends to help you get the scoop (make sure they’re good at keeping secrets)!

Propose in a Special Place. You know that your proposal should be just as special at 1/11/11 itself – so what better place to propose than a location that defines your relationship? Whether it’s the riverbank where you had your first kiss or the park where the two of you first met, celebrate the uniqueness of your love by making the proposal center on a momentous occasion in your lives.

Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring. If you want to surprise your sweetie with the perfect diamond engagement ring, then you’ll need to know exactly what she envisions as her ultimate ring. Is she a classic solitaire, sophisticated princess cut or an eclectic vintage kind of girl? Again, enlist a friend to help you get an idea of what she wants…

…And then enlist the help of a professional diamond jewelry service who can help you find exactly what she wants!
Remember, 1/11/11 is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion – why not make it one to remember by showing your sweetheart just how much you love her.