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Discover your perfect wedding band at 25karats, all made in the USA with expert craftsmanship. Our custom-made designs range from classic to trendy, crafted from the finest materials to last a lifetime. Shop now to find a unique symbol of your love.

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Design Your Dream Ring

Express your unique style with a custom design ring.
Our Designers can help you bring your one-of-kind piece
to life only in three weeks.


Design Your Dream Ring

Express your unique style with a custom design ring.
Our Designers can help you bring your one-of-kind piece
to life only in three weeks.


Design Your Ring

One-of-a-kind piece
designed just for you.

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Wedding Bands FAQs

You can request a complimentary ring sizer from 25karats, which is a set of plastic rings in various sizes, we can mail it to you the next day, and you can measure your finger size from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can measure your finger at home using a measuring tape or a piece of string. Wrap the tape or string around the base of your finger where the ring will sit, and make a note of the circumference. Then, compare the measurement to our ring size chart, which correlates the circumference to a specific ring size. Keep in mind that different fingers may have slightly different sizes, so it's best to measure the finger you plan to wear the ring on. Additionally, you can visit a local jeweler and have them measure your finger using a ring sizer.

When considering how much money to spend on a wedding band, it's essential to take into account the average cost range, which typically falls between $750 and $2,000. Weddings involve numerous expenses, and it's crucial to strike a balance between the desire for a beautiful symbol of love and the financial reality. 25karats aims to offer a variety of wedding bands at different price points, providing options that cater to different budgets without compromising on quality or style.

The wedding bands are typically purchased by both partners. However, in modern times, the decision on who pays for the wedding rings can vary depending on the couple's preferences and financial situation. Some couples may choose to split the cost of the rings equally, while others may allocate the expense according to their individual financial abilities. Ultimately, it is a personal decision that both partners should discuss and agree upon.

In many Western cultures, including the United States, the tradition is to wear a wedding ring on the left hand's ring finger. This finger is often referred to as the "ring finger" because it is believed to have a vein called the "vena amoris" or "vein of love," that is directly connected to the heart.

Wedding bands symbolize the eternal bond and commitment between two individuals who have chosen to unite in marriage. The absence of a beginning or end in a circular shape represents the timeless and continuous love shared between spouses. Wedding bands are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry; they hold deep sentimental value and serve as a daily reminder of the sacred union and lifelong partnership entered into by the couple.

You need to consider several factors. Firstly, set a budget that you're comfortable with, keeping in mind your overall wedding expenses. Next, consider your style and preference, whether you lean towards classic, modern, vintage, or unique designs. Explore different metals such as gold, platinum, or silver, and decide on the desired width and profile of the band. If you're considering gemstones, research options like diamonds or colored stones, and consider their quality and significance. It's crucial to ensure the ring's fit and comfort by trying on various sizes and widths. Choose a wedding ring that not only represents your style but also symbolizes your enduring love and commitment.

Customs regarding which hand to wear a wedding ring can vary across different cultures and religions. For example, in some countries, such as Germany and Russia, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the right hand. Ultimately, the decision of which hand to wear a wedding ring is a personal and cultural choice. It is important for individuals to consider their own customs, preferences, and cultural background when deciding on the appropriate hand for their wedding ring.

Clean your wedding rings in a bowl of warm, sudsy water with a bit of any mild dish soap. Brush the band and underneath the stones with a soft brush until you have created a lather around it. With the jewelry on a plastic or metal strainer, rinse off with warm water. Do not clean your jewelry over the sink to prevent it from falling down the drain. Pat your jewelry dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Elevate Your Love Story with 25karats Rings

At, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and we firmly believe in the adage of "believing in the finest." Our extensive collection of Wedding Rings is a testament to this unwavering commitment. We understand that your wedding rings are not just pieces of jewelry; they are symbols of your everlasting love and devotion. From the timeless simplicity of classic gold wedding rings to the breathtaking beauty of eternity diamond rings, we offer an exquisite range of designs that are nothing short of exceptional.

Our mission is to provide you with a memorable shopping experience, allowing you to find the perfect wedding rings that reflect your unique style and the depth of your commitment. Whether you're seeking a classic, understated look or a dazzling statement piece, our selection has been carefully curated to cater to all tastes and preferences.

Discover a World of Possibilities with Unique Matching Wedding Bands

No matter your personal tastes, individual preferences, or the unique circumstances that define your love story, we have the ideal set of wedding bands awaiting you. Our collection includes a diverse range of options, including gold rings designed for men, women, and individuals of all genders and backgrounds. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the power of love and the ultimate expression of commitment to one another.

Our extensive assortment of wedding rings spans various styles and themes, including antique-inspired designs that exude timeless charm, religious wedding bands that hold deep spiritual significance, diamond-studded wedding bands that add a touch of elegance and sparkle, and enchanting Celtic wedding rings that symbolize unity and eternity. Every ring in our collection is meticulously handcrafted using only the highest quality metals and diamonds, ensuring that your rings will stand the test of time.

When it comes to choosing the perfect material for your wedding bands, we offer a range of options, including 14K and 18K Gold in yellow gold and white gold as well as Platinum. Our diamonds are of the utmost quality, boasting GH color and SI1 clarity, ensuring that your rings will shine brilliantly for years to come.

Beyond wedding rings, we offer a diverse selection of bridal jewelry, catering to couples of all types. Whether you're looking for engagement rings that symbolize the start of your journey together or diamond anniversary rings that celebrate your enduring love, our collections have something for everyone.

Browse our extensive collections, featuring Gold Wedding Bands and Diamond Rings for Men & Women, and embark on your journey to forever with Let us help you find the perfect symbols of your love story, crafted with the finest materials and the utmost care, ensuring that your love will shine as brightly as your rings.

Why Choose 25karats? Understanding Our Difference

  • Made in the USA –Every ring we sell is handcrafted in New York for excellent quality and unparalleled beauty.
  • 60-day returns & free shipping – Return it within 60 days for a full refund if you don’t like your ring.
  • Eco-friendly jewelry – We use recycled precious metals in all of our wedding bands and other jewelry.
  • Conflict-free diamonds – Our diamonds are purchased from vendors who are certified through the Kimberly process and are 100% guaranteed conflict-free.
  • Made-to-order for the specifications you need - All of our wedding bands are made to order, not a stock ring altered to match the order.
  • Free engraving - You can have the special words inscribed inside your precious wedding bands, and create a timeless token of affection.
  • Free resizing – We want to you to have a hassle-free shopping experience. If your ring doesn’t fit well, no worries, we resize it for you free of charge.



Our Consultants are here to help every step of the way, from selecting the perfect setting and stones to ensuring all your questions are answered.

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