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Cobalt Chrome

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Cobaltchrome™ 7.0mm Comfort-Fit Satin-Finished Blackened Design Ring

Style CF67675CC thumbnail image 1

Style CF67675CC thumbnail image 2

Cobaltchrome™ 7.0mm comfort-fit satin-finished blackened design ring
Cobaltchrome™ 9mm Comfort-Fit Maltese Cross Design Ring

Style CF99450CC thumbnail image 1

Style CF99450CC thumbnail image 2

Cobaltchrome™ 9mm comfort-fit maltese cross design ring
Cobaltchrome™ 8.0 Comfort-Fit Satin-Mokume Design Ring

Style CF98452CC thumbnail image 1

Style CF98452CC thumbnail image 2

Cobaltchrome™ 8.0 comfort-fit satin-mokume design ring
Cobaltchrome™ 7.5mm Comfort-Fit Blackened-Satin with a high polish center cut

Style CF717769CC thumbnail image 1

Style CF717769CC thumbnail image 2

Cobaltchrome™ 7.5mm comfort-fit blackened-satin with a high polish center cut
Cobaltchrome™ 7mm Comfort-Fit Satin-Finished Round Edge Blackened Sectional Design Ring

Style RECF77674CC thumbnail image 1

Style RECF77674CC thumbnail image 2

Cobaltchrome™ 7mm comfort-fit satin-finished round edge blackened sectional design ring
Cobaltchrome is Benchmark’s new bestseller metal that combines cobalt with alloys that provide high luster and strength. It's hypoallergenic and scratch resistant. Let the alternative metals of Benchmark enchant you today.