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Essential Information on Diamonds, Gemstones, Jewelry and Precious Metals


Discover the world of loose diamonds, from cuts to clarity and carats to color. Learn how to choose the best diamond for you and how to care for your diamonds.

Diamond Cut

The most important characteristic when choosing a diamond.

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Diamond Carat

The most important characteristic when choosing a diamond.

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Diamond Color

How to choose the best diamond color for you.

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Diamond Clarity

Read all about the various diamond clarity grades.

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Diamond Shapes

From round to radiant by way of princess, oval, marquise unique shapes.

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The 4 Cs of Diamonds

A diamond definition and an overview of diamond carat, cut, color and clarity

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Conflict Free Diamonds

Learn about conflict free diamonds and the Kimberley Process

Diamond Certificates

Learn more about buying a loose diamond with or without certificate.

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Inclusions & Blemishes

Learn about internal & external clarity characteristics of a diamond.


What's the difference between 14K and 18K gold? Why is platinum so special? What exactly is white gold? Learn about Gold, Platinum and Palladium and discover the special characteristics of each metal used in your favorite jewelry.
Precious metals


Discover the difference between 14K, 18K and 24K gold and learn about gold's special qualities.

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Find out what makes platinum jewelry so special.

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Find out how Palladium is made and what gives it its special features.

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Learn All About Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Semi-Precious Stones Discover interesting facts about your favorite gemstones, and learn all about gemstone cuts, clarity, color and more.

Sapphire Facts

Where do sapphires come from? How did they get their name? What colors are available?

Emerald Facts

How hard are emeralds? Which month is emerald birthstone month? What shades do they come in?

Ruby Facts

Where are rubies found? What celebrations are traditionally celebrated with rubies?


Learn about everything from how to buy an engagement ring to how to design your own ring. Find out how to determine your ring size, the meaning behind a promise ring and much more.
Jewelry guide

Jewelry Glossary

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Use our handy table to convert your ring size into standard international sizes.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Learn about the decisions you must make when you buy an engagement ring.

Promise Rings

When to give a promise ring and why. Discover the meaning behind a promise ring?

Design Your Own Ring

Find out how to design your own ring and create a truly unique look.

Right Hand Rings

Find out why right hand rings are one of the hottest trends in jewelry fashion.

How to measure your ring size

How to clean your jewelry

Men's Rings



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