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Diamond Wedding Bands

Find a diamond wedding ring that symbolizes your love and your unique love story together. 25karats has unisex diamond wedding bands that will capture the magic that you share with your partner.
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Sixteen Stone Flush-set Diamond Wedding Band

Style DWB0878 thumbnail image 1

Style DWB0878 thumbnail image 2

Sixteen stone flush-set diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Unique Pave-set Diamond Wedding Band

Style DWB0885 thumbnail image 1

Style DWB0885 thumbnail image 2

Style DWB0885 thumbnail image 3

Unique pave-set diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Solitary Step Edge Diamond Wedding Band

Style DWB1961 thumbnail image 1

Style DWB1961 thumbnail image 2

Solitary step edge diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Classic Square Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101001 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101001 thumbnail image 2

Classic square diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Bestseller Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101002 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101002 thumbnail image 2

Bestseller diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Elegant Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101003 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101003 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101003 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101003 thumbnail image 4

Elegant diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Exquisite Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101005 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101005 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101005 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101005 thumbnail image 4

Exquisite diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Stone Finished Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101009 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101009 thumbnail image 2

Stone finished diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Fancy Edge Classic Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101010 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101010 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101010 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101010 thumbnail image 4

Fancy edge classic diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Traditional Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101011 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101011 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101011 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101011 thumbnail image 4

Style DW101011 thumbnail image 5

Traditional diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Round Cut Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101018 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101018 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101018 thumbnail image 3

Round cut diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Wave Design Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101019 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101019 thumbnail image 2

Wave design diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Refined Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101024 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101024 thumbnail image 2

Refined diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Shiny Grooved Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101041 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101041 thumbnail image 2

Shiny grooved diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Custom Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101042 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101042 thumbnail image 2

Custom diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Diamond Classic Round Wedding Band

Style DW101045 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101045 thumbnail image 2

Diamond classic round wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Milgrain Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101053 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101053 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101053 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101053 thumbnail image 4

Milgrain diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Extravagant Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101054 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101054 thumbnail image 2

Extravagant diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Double-Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101124 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101124 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101124 thumbnail image 3

Double-channel set diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Unique Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101125 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101125 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101125 thumbnail image 3

Unique diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Vertical Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101131 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101131 thumbnail image 2

Vertical cut diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Channel-set Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101056 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101056 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101056 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101056 thumbnail image 4

Style DW101056 thumbnail image 5

Channel-set diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Sturdy Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101064 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101064 thumbnail image 2

Sturdy diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Square Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101079 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101079 thumbnail image 2

Square diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
All-around Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101080 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101080 thumbnail image 2

All-around diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Extravagant Deep-cut Diamond Wedding Band

Style DW101083 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101083 thumbnail image 2

Extravagant deep-cut diamond wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Leaf Design Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101084 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101084 thumbnail image 2

Leaf design diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Flower Design Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101098 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101098 thumbnail image 2

Flower design diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Classic Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101106 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101106 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101106 thumbnail image 3

Style DW101106 thumbnail image 4

Classic diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT
Sturdy Side-stoned Diamond Wedding Ring

Style DW101107 thumbnail image 1

Style DW101107 thumbnail image 2

Style DW101107 thumbnail image 3

Sturdy side-stoned diamond wedding ring
14K 18K PLAT

Unisex Diamond Wedding Bands

At 25karats, we have the wedding bands you need to express your love for your partner, and with our wide variety of unisex wedding rings, you can find a ring that will be right for you. We offer diamond wedding bands for couples of all genders and orientations – because we know that love has no limits. Shop our selection of unisex diamond wedding ring sets now to find a ring that will help you show your partner the depth of your love, intensity, and commitment.

Find Wedding Bands That Express Your Love & Your Journey

Our diamond wedding bands are crafted with the utmost care and attention to provide you with a superior product that truly expresses how you feel about your partner. Marriage is a deep commitment, and we know how important it is to find wedding bands that will symbolize your connection to your partner. From simple unisex wedding rings with minimal styling and only a few diamonds, to bands with multiple metals, a variety of diamonds and accent stones, and unique designs, you’ll have a huge selection of 25karats wedding bands to choose from.

Why Choose 25karats? Understanding The Difference

Wondering why you should choose 25karats for your wedding rings? Here are just a few reasons our customers love our artisan jewelry.
* USA-Made - All of our jewelry is designed and manufactured in the USA by skilled, expert artisans in New York for superior quality. * Ethical & eco-conscious – We use recycled precious metals and conflict-free diamonds that comply with the Kimberley Process to provide you with peace of mind. * 60-day returns & free shipping – Hassle free shopping! Return it within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. * Simple, secure shopping – Our online store is 100% safe and secure, and with our 60-day money back guarantee, it’s never been easier to find the perfect unisex wedding bands.

Shop Today Our Selection Of Unisex Diamond Wedding Bands And Get Started Today

Ready to get started and browse for unisex wedding rings? Shop our full range of wedding bands and rings on this page, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information. Our team is always here to help.