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Diamond Color
How To Choose Your Diamond Color

Color is considered the second most important 4C of a diamond. Not to be confused with the colorful sparkle you see on diamond surface when light is reflected, diamond Color grade refers to natural body color of a white diamond. As it goes up to white (colorless), the value of the diamond goes up too. The highest grade is D, which is colorless and very rare. Color grade goes down to Z, which is obviously yellow or brown in shade. A diamond graded from D to F is considered colorless. G to J is considered near colorless. Starting from K you will start seeing the yellowish hue with naked eye more clearly. Although colorless diamonds are obviously more valuable, some may prefer diamonds with a slight color hue as a personal taste.

Diamond Colors

Color Grade D

Truly colorless. D grade diamonds are very rare, so they have higher value.

Color Grade E

Almost truly colorless. Minute color elements can be seen by an expert gemologist.

Color Grade F

Very close to E color, F graded diamonds have some color elements that can be detected by an expert gemologist. This grade can be an excellent value for the money.

Color Grade G

Near colorless. G color diamonds have very slight color hue that is possible to detect by comparing with a colorless diamond. For non-expert it will look colorless.

Color Grade H

Near colorless with slightly more color hue than G, but still hard to see by a non-expert. Offers great value for the money.

Color Grade I

Slightly detectable color, but still near colorless. Very slight yellow hue will be visible.

Color Grade J

Slight yellow tinge, with near colorless look. This is great choice if you are not looking for a colorless diamond but want great value for the money.

Color Grade K

A slight warm yellow hue. This is an ideal choice if you are trying to keep your purchase under a budget or trying to maximize other specs of the diamond.

Color Grade L

The hue will start getting visible to naked eye, and as you go down on scale, you will start seeing an obvious yellow or brown color.

Color Grade M

M grade diamonds have a slightly noticeable yellow color. They are often a good choice for those not looking for a colorless diamond.

Color Grade N

N grade diamonds and lower color grades have lightly tinged yellow color. They are a good alternative for the budget conscious who prefer a diamond with some color.