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Diamond Shapes
Choose Your Favorite Diamond Shape

What's your favorite diamond shape? Do you yearn for something more unusual such as a cushion cut, or do you want the pure brilliance of a round cut?


The Asscher was created by Joseph Asscher and his brother in Holland a little over 100 years ago. A classic cut, it tends towards a square shape but with corners cut diagonally. It is similar to the emerald cut but with less rectangular dimensions.


The cushion shape (also sometimes known as a pillow cut) was the most common diamond cut from the mid-19th century onwards. In today's market it's a rare cut and sought after by those seeking an unusual alternative to an oval shape. The cushion cut is available in square and more rectangular dimensions.


Emerald-cut diamonds are traditional classics. The shape derives from cutting in steps so that the diamond achieves a series of parallel facets which resemble delicate terraces. Emerald-cut diamonds have rectangular dimensions and blocked corners.


Heart-shaped diamonds are a popular choice for the romantically inclined. This is a shape which demands an expert diamond cutter to bring out the natural brilliance of the diamond while crafting the best heart proportions.


A marquise diamond resembles an elongated oval with ends which come to a gradual point. It is a popular choice for those seeking a shape which will flatter a slim, long finger.


Oval diamonds are popular for those seeking the brilliance of round diamonds but who prefer a slightly elongated shape.


A pear shaped diamond, also known as a teardrop, is popular not only as the center stone in a ring, but also as the focal point of a diamond pendant. An expert diamond cutter will ensure that light is reflected evenly throughout the stone.


The princess cut diamond is a relatively new cut, created about 30 years ago with the aim of combining the brilliance found in round cuts with the popular stepped lines of emerald cuts. Princess cut diamonds are now runners up in popularity to round diamonds. Square to somewhat rectangular in shape, they are popular for engagement rings.


Radiant diamonds combine the blocked corners and clean lines of the emerald cut with the triangular facets of the round cut. Similar to princess cut diamonds, they are usually more rectangular in their dimensions.


Round diamonds are the most popular diamonds. The round cut was dramatically improved by Marcel Tolkowsky nearly a century ago. Using advanced mathematics, he worked out the particular facet angles and diamond proportions needed to maximize a diamond's brilliance.