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When it’s time to purchase those diamond stud earrings you always wanted, you may debate whether to go with a screw-back or friction-back set. It’s a common question and there are couple of factors that may be important for your decision. Friction-backs are easier to put on and take off. They have a more simple mechanism, which is secure, but also convenient. That’s why friction-backs are more popular for everyday earrings. Screw-backs are mostly preferred for heavier diamonds and settings. They take relatively more time to take off but that also means an additional level of security for your expensive stones. However as always, the most important element is personal taste. Some women feel comfortable with one back type and prefer them at all situations. Of course that requires trying both type backs at least once. Then when you are happy with one, you may choose it for every or most earrings you purchase. Whichever way you go at the end, 25karats.com guarantees that your new diamond stud earrings will bring a smile to your face.



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