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How to Clean your Precious Metal Jewelry at Home? proudly offers free cleaning for any jewelry item purchased from us for the life-time of the merchandise. However you may want to do a quick cleaning once in a while using just basic household items. Here is an easy instruction for cleaning your precious metal jewelry at home:

Step 1: What you need
You need only everyday household items for this cleaning. Little bit of dish soap, a clean bowl, a toothbrush, a piece of paper towel, and a simple stir stick.
Jewelry Cleaning Image 1

Step 2: Mix dish soup with water
Fill the bowl with clean water. Pour a little bit of dish soap (NOT dishwasher detergent) in the water and mix with stir stick.
Jewelry Cleaning Image 1

Step 3: Put the jewelry item in the bowl
Place your jewelry piece in the bowl filled with water and dish soap mixture. Let it rest there 15-20 minutes before taking it out of the water.
Jewelry Cleaning Image 2

Step 4: Brush gently
After taking the jewelry piece out, gently brush it with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Make sure you get into small crevices and between side stones. You don’t need to apply pressure.
Jewelry Cleaning Image 4

Step 5: Rinse
Hold your jewelry piece firmly and rinse it under warm running water thoroughly.
Jewelry Cleaning Image 3

Step 6: Wipe it dry
With a piece of paper towel or soft cloth, wipe the jewelry piece dry.
Jewelry Cleaning Image 5

Ready to wear!
Your treasured piece of jewelry is shiny and clean again! Remember: If you’d like to get it cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner, offers this service free to it’s valuable customers for the life-time of the jewelry!
Jewelry Cleaning Image 6