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Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Ring

Independent Inspiration

Right hand rings, especially diamond right hand rings are top of the jewelry fashion charts.

What Exactly Is a Right Hand Ring?

A right hand ring includes almost any ring which is not typically worn on the left hand, such as a solitaire ring, or a three stone ring with a prominent center stone.

Who Buys Right Hand Rings?

A right hand ring is often a gift you buy yourself, rather than a gift from a loved one. Buying a diamond right hand ring is sometimes seen as a fashionable statement of independence. For singles, it's a way to show your self-reliance and delight in your freedom. If you're half of a couple, a right hand ring frequently reflects an extra measure of love.

Right Hand Ring Designs

Right hand rings do not generally have a single center stone. Rather, they boast more intricate or unusual designs, often with a selection of diamonds inlaid in delicate patterns.

The Emergence of the Right Hand Ring

Right hand rings, especially diamond right hand rings have become more fashionable as social trends have pushed back the average age for marriage, and women pursue careers before settling down. Not willing to postpone the pleasure of a diamond ring, the idea of a right hand diamond ring designed to be dramatically different from an engagement or wedding ring was born.