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How to measure your ring size

We always recommend getting your finger size measured with a real ring or metal/plastic ring sizer. Using paper charts or a thread to find out the ring size may result in measurements up to one size or more off. If you can’t go to a local jewelry store to get your size checked, please contact us and we will mail out a complimentary plastic ring sizer to you (US addresses only).

Finger size may vary seasonally and even at different hours of the day, depending on weather temperature, your body condition etc. The right finger size is what works at most times. If you are too cold, too hot, or if your skin is wet, we recommend getting the ring size checked again some other time.

You do not have to go down quarter size to compensate for comfort fit. We measure our rings accordingly.

If you go with a wide band (6mm +) we recommend going half size up from the size you get on a ring sizer. Wider bands may be harder to pass through the knuckle.

Ring sizes vary by country. If you already know your ring size and just need to convert it to another scale, see our International ring size conversion chart.

We measure our rings at the bottom edge on the sizing rod. Please see the image below:

Ring Sizer