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Engagement Ring Sets

Bridal engagement ring sets represent two pivotal moments in a couple's life: the engagement and the marriage. Matching bridal ring sets can fuse the two rings into one so the bride is not without her rings. These sets range from classic to contemporary. Here you can look for your perfect bridal set.
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Classic Three Stone Engagement Ring (0.70 ct. tw.)

Style ENS7918-R thumbnail image 1

Style ENS7918-R thumbnail image 2

Style ENS7918-R thumbnail image 3

Style ENS7918-R thumbnail image 4

Style ENS7918-R thumbnail image 5

Classic three stone engagement ring (0.70 ct. tw.)
14K 18K PLAT
Shared Prong 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring (6X6mm)

Style ENS8247-R thumbnail image 1

Style ENS8247-R thumbnail image 2

Style ENS8247-R thumbnail image 3

Shared prong 3-stone diamond engagement ring (6x6mm)
14K 18K PLAT
The matching bridal set is meant to represent the joining of the couple in matrimony. Since matching bridal sets come with two bands, this symbolizes the two rings that are so pivotal in matrimony: the engagement ring and the wedding band. Matching bridal sets can fuse these two rings into one, which means your beloved will never be without both rings. From traditional to contemporary, offers hundreds of different diamond engagement ring settings with matching bands. Make your decision among our beautifully designed and perfectly handcrafted designer inspired styles, three stone, fancy or antique ring collections and dazzle her to create an everlasting memory.