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Eternity Wedding Bands

Show off your life together forever with an eternity wedding band from 25karats. These women wedding rings have diamonds that encircle the ring, making sure they shine and sparkle from every side.
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1.50 ct. Baguette Cut Channel Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Style EWB2343-4 thumbnail image 1

Style EWB2343-4 thumbnail image 2

Style EWB2343-4 thumbnail image 3

1.50 ct. baguette cut channel set diamond eternity wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
1.36 ct. Multi-Shape Bar Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Style EWB1657-4 thumbnail image 1

Style EWB1657-4 thumbnail image 2

Style EWB1657-4 thumbnail image 3

Style EWB1657-4 thumbnail image 4

1.36 ct. multi-shape bar set diamond eternity wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
2.79 ct. t.w. Baguette Cut Diamond Channel Set Eternity Wedding Band

Style EWB2339-4 thumbnail image 1

Style EWB2339-4 thumbnail image 2

Style EWB2339-4 thumbnail image 3

2.79 ct. t.w. baguette cut diamond channel set eternity wedding band
14K 18K PLAT
Together forever. New wedding ring trends for the 21st century have cropped up in the form of eternity wedding rings, where diamonds surround the entire band, thereby ensuring that your diamond wedding ring is always sparkling. The diamonds surrounding the eternity wedding band is meant to signify the undying love between you and your spouse, and will always attract attention no matter where you go. So, our eternity wedding bands are beautifully designed to symbolize your eternal love. Browse our exclusive selection of diamond eternity wedding rings to express your love shining in your heart just like the ring sparkling on her finger from every angle. Prices, stone count and carat weight will vary based on ring size.