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Gemstone Jewelry

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Sterling Silver Heart Locket With Solitaire Diamond (0.01 ct.)

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Sterling silver heart locket with solitaire diamond (0.01 ct.)
Solid Gold Heart Locket With Floral Engraving
Solid gold heart locket with floral engraving
Mother Of Pearl Heart Gold Locket
Mother of pearl heart gold locket
Genuine Pear Shape Rhodolite Garnet Necklace
Genuine pear shape rhodolite garnet necklace
Genuine Amethyst Solitaire Gold Necklace
Genuine amethyst solitaire gold necklace
14kt White Checkerboard Amethyst And Diamond Necklace (0.04 ct.)
14kt white checkerboard amethyst and diamond necklace (0.04 ct.)
Citrine And 0.02 ct. t.w. Diamond Dangle Earrings

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Citrine and 0.02 ct. t.w. diamond dangle earrings
Genuine Morganite Tear Drop Pendant 14k Rose Gold

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Genuine morganite tear drop pendant 14k rose gold
Emerald And 1/4 ct. t.w. Diamond Entourage 14k White Gold 18" Necklace

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Emerald and 1/4 ct. t.w. diamond entourage 14k white gold 18" necklace
Blue Sapphire And 3/8 ct. t.w. Diamond Entourage Earrings

Style CER9849 thumbnail image 1

Style CER9849 thumbnail image 2

Blue sapphire and 3/8 ct. t.w. diamond entourage earrings
Your perfect gift is just a click away! Be it sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst, or garnet, our gemstone jewelry pieces are furnished with most brilliant and beautiful stones. Statement earrings, fashionable pendants, eye-catching necklaces, and charming bracelets are all hand finished to perfection.