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Classic Wedding Bands

Let the world know you love each other with the classic symbol of eternal love. These classic plain wedding bands showcase the timeless elegance of great craftsmanship.
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Light Comfort Satin-Finished with High Polished Beveled Edge Carved Design Band

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Light comfort satin-finished with high polished beveled edge carved design band
Light Comfort Satin-Finished Carved Design Band

Style LCF665420 thumbnail image 1

Style LCF665420 thumbnail image 2

Style LCF665420 thumbnail image 3

Style LCF665420 thumbnail image 4

Style LCF665420 thumbnail image 5

Style LCF665420 thumbnail image 6

Light comfort satin-finished carved design band
Light Comfort High Polished with Milgrain Round Edge Carved Design Band

Style RELCF76501 thumbnail image 1

Style RELCF76501 thumbnail image 2

Style RELCF76501 thumbnail image 3

Style RELCF76501 thumbnail image 4

Style RELCF76501 thumbnail image 5

Style RELCF76501 thumbnail image 6

Light comfort high polished with milgrain round edge carved design band
Light Comfort Wired-Finished High Polished Round Edge Carved Design Band

Style RELCF76502 thumbnail image 1

Style RELCF76502 thumbnail image 2

Style RELCF76502 thumbnail image 3

Style RELCF76502 thumbnail image 4

Style RELCF76502 thumbnail image 5

Style RELCF76502 thumbnail image 6

Light comfort wired-finished high polished round edge carved design band
Light Comfort Satin Finish High Polished Round Edge Carved Design Band

Style RELCF76502S thumbnail image 1

Style RELCF76502S thumbnail image 2

Style RELCF76502S thumbnail image 3

Style RELCF76502S thumbnail image 4

Style RELCF76502S thumbnail image 5

Style RELCF76502S thumbnail image 6

Light comfort satin finish high polished round edge carved design band
Light Comfort High Polish Finish Round Edge Design Band

Style RELCF765200 thumbnail image 1

Style RELCF765200 thumbnail image 2

Style RELCF765200 thumbnail image 3

Style RELCF765200 thumbnail image 4

Style RELCF765200 thumbnail image 5

Style RELCF765200 thumbnail image 6

Light comfort high polish finish round edge design band
Light Comfort 6.5mm Drop Edge High Polish Design Band

Style LCF716540 thumbnail image 1

Style LCF716540 thumbnail image 2

Style LCF716540 thumbnail image 3

Style LCF716540 thumbnail image 4

Style LCF716540 thumbnail image 5

Style LCF716540 thumbnail image 6

Light comfort 6.5mm drop edge high polish design band

Traditional & Classic Wedding Rings

The greatest love stories ever told and written are usually our inspiration. But, for this particular collection, we looked at love in its purest and simplest form and created our unique matching wedding bands to represent just that - an effortless and uncomplicated love. These plain wedding bands are designed to be a symbol of your unmatched love and add a touch of sophistication to your special day.

In a world where most people seem to always chase the most extravagant things, a plain wedding band can make a striking difference. Don't get us wrong: we love nothing more than a gorgeous ring adorned with stunning diamonds, but there are moments when simplicity should take center stage. If you are the kind of person who likes the refined elegance of traditional wedding bands, then this collection is sure to suit your taste.

Classy, stylish, and simply gorgeous, our plain wedding bands will become a symbol of your love in its purest form. And, just because they're plain, it doesn't mean that they are boring. Sure, they are devoid of any embodiments, but their beauty comes from their simple yet refined design. Whether you are looking for a basic round surface or an elegant milgrain design, our plain wedding bands come in a variety of color, width, finish, and precious metal options. Our plain wedding rings are available in 14K, 18K white, yellow, and rose Gold, and also Platinum and Palladium.

Classic gold wedding bands will not only let your engagement ring shine during your special day, but it's also sure to pass the test of time. That's because our expert jewelry makers pay close attention to every detail to create flawless wedding rings for you. All of our plain wedding bands are handcrafted to perfection.With classic choices of dome, flat, and milgrain designs, and contemporary favorites Euro dome, knife edge, and step edge styles, everybody can find something for themselves in this collection.

If you need help finding the perfect his & hers wedding band sets for your special day, we are more than happy to help. You can order them as a set as his and hers and wear the symbol of your love around your finger forever.