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Congratulations! You got the perfect rings for the perfect moment. You've got this beautiful smile on your face that will not go away, so let us print that smile on a canvas to save it forever. We are so excited to hear about the love story behind your rings. Once you submit your ring's story with your photos and your order number, you will receive a free 20 x 16 inch premium canvas print wall art with your choice of photo within 10 business days.

Tell Us Your Story  

Img 0022 The evening of the proposal, Travis took me to my favorite restaurant in Dallas, TX. We had a wonderful dinner and we're getting ready to leave as he tells me we were going to meet up with a friend by the lake (I obviously thought nothing of it). We pull up the the lake where there is a lake dock and there are people taking pictures on the dock with lots of lit up candles. It was so beautiful! I sat there in the truck as the other people left and Travis told me to get out so I start to walk towards the dock and that's when my heart sank... I realized all the candles down the dock were for me! We walk down together as he's telling me he loves me and then he asked!!! It was such a surprise and a magical moment. Better than I had ever expected.

Landri & Travis
Img 3575 We both went on a trip to Virginia Beach. It is here I decided to propose to Lisa. We went for a walk on the beach and it is here I had a random woman video tape the proposal. After the proposal we then went to 25 karats to purchase our wedding bands. The rings came beautiful. They exceeded all expectations. Thank you very 25karats. Peter and Lisa

Lisa Robinson & Peter Hawryluk
0e9a7862 Everything came to me like a dream, until now I am still thinking that I met her as a fate. I heard about her from my parents' friend. We chatted hundreds of hours, just few video calls, because the geometric distance between us. The last new year event, the god of luck brought me a chance to see her, face-to-face, real person, who I am always to think of. At that moment, I said to myself "She is mine".

Y Nhi & Dong Phuong
Story 3.1 We were in amazing Punto Cana , Dominican Republic for my parents wedding anniversary. We decided to spend couple more days in town after the big event. The next day, he woke me up at 6am with kisses and flowers and offered me to take a walk at the beach. I reluctantly got up and dressed. When we got to the beach, he went down on one knee and popped the question. OMG, I wasn’t expecting that! The ring was gorgeous! The beach, the sky, everything was just awesome! We are both very happy and looking forward to the wedding day.

Angela & Nick
Story 2.2 We met at our mutual friend’s birthday party 1,5 years ago. The moment we met, I’ve felt like I’ve known him for a very long time. I knew that he was the one that I’ve been waiting for! We couldn’t stop talking and laughing during the party. We started dating after a very short time and eight months later he got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said yes! I am so happy and excited for our future!

Ashley & Ben
Story 1.2 Lauren has been my sweetheart and my best friend since high school. One day we both realized that we have something more special than just being friends. We started dating and I knew it from the first day that she was the one! I wanted it to be very special and took her on a date picnic at the lake where we had our first kiss. I set the paparazzi photographer up days before just to capture that happy moment. It was a big “YES” from Lauren and I was thrilled! She loved the ring very much! Thanks for being part of our happy moment 25karats! I’m so excited to live the rest of my life with Lauren.

Lauren & Danny



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