The Modern Man’s Guide to Choosing an Anniversary Ring

So you’re buying your partner an anniversary ring? First of all, congratulations on your anniversary! And secondly, how thoughtful of you! You’re definitely a keeper!

Now, here comes the difficult part… knowing what kind of ring to get. How do you choose a piece that will knock your partner’s socks off? Something she’ll wear for years to come?

Repeat after me, guys. Research is your friend! Here are a few simple ways to optimize your time, find what she really wants, and pick an absolute winner.

Check Her Social Media Accounts


Chances are your girlfriend has a Pinterest board that acts as a sort of “wish list.” Or maybe she has a tab on her internet browser that’s a short list of jewelry she’s pining after. Take advantage of online transparency and use it to study her style. If she doesn’t have a board that specifically lists gift ideas, look at the kind of things she’s drawn to for clues.

These style-related questions will help:

  • Look at her Facebook page, Pinterest account, or even the color scheme of her favorite room. What shades appear again and again? This may seem unrelated, but hear me out.

If she has an affinity for pink or pastels, a delicate, feminine ring might be best. Perhaps she adores deep shades like burgundy, teal, and sapphire green. A bold ring with definite bling would match her sense of glamour.

  • What sort of clothing does she wear and which shops does she visit online? If she is constantly scouring ebay for vintage clothing or love retro fashion, consider a classic, art deco-inspired gold ring. Does she follow trends? A modern cut that’s fresh would be a perfect fit (pun intended).
  • Need some guidance? That’s what friends are for. Reach out to her closest, style-conscious pals via social media! Chances are, they might have some ideas about her taste. They probably know whether she prefers platinum, white gold, or silver.
  • Check out her role models. Does she have a favorite female celebrity? Who does she emulate in dress and style? This will give you a clue into which ring is right for her. Check out that celebrity’s red-carpet jewelry, then bring a picture to your jewelry and opt for something similar.

When In Doubt, Ask Her!

Some people don’t like surprises. If you think your lady would prefer picking out her own ring, make the shopping experience romantic and unforgettable. Go out to dinner beforehand, get dressed up (even if you’re shopping online) and compare notes. Your investment makes the collaboration special! Decide on a budget, browse pictures or visit your local jeweler, and take your time. The idea is to get a piece that she’ll treasure forever!

Are you in the market to buy a gorgeous and unique anniversary ring for your sweetheart? Need some help finding the perfect look? Leave your comments and questions in the space below! Happy hunting!

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