The Most Popular Women Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are stunning symbols of love and commitment.

The first time diamonds appeared on an engagement ring was in 1477, but diamond wedding rings did not become popular until 500 years later.

Thanks to Hollywood stars and a brilliant marketing campaign, the slogan “A diamond is forever” took off in 1947, and diamond rings skyrocketed in popularity.

Today, there are more options than ever before, but women’s diamond wedding bands are still an enduring symbol of love and devotion.

Women’s diamond wedding bands can be categorized into four distinct categories:

  1. Petite (or “skinny”) stackable diamond wedding rings.

    Petite wedding bands are increasing in popularity because of their sleek beauty and ability to be “stacked” (worn) with other rings. In general, we don’t recommend going any smaller than 1.5mm in width. As they say, less is more, and a petite diamond wedding band looks stunning on its own or stacked with other rings. It is truly adaptable to many outfits and scenarios!

  2. Eternity diamond wedding rings.

    Eternity diamond wedding rings, which are also known as infinity rings, feature diamonds around the entire band. The continuous line of diamonds represents never-ending love, hence the name eternity wedding bands. In addition to the beautiful symbolism, the jewels are eye-catching and stunning.

  3. Floral design diamond rings.

    Our respect and admiration of floral artistry is nothing new. From the Roman imagery for the Olympic wreaths to floral images in Egyptian hieroglyphics, mankind has always had a fascination for thriving plantation. Plants and flowers symbolize life and its flourishment. Floral design diamond rings are attractive with their bright cuts and intricately designed center.  

  4. Vintage and antique rings.

    There are many reasons why you might want a vintage wedding ring. In addition to the unique design, many couples enjoy the superior craftsmanship, ethical advantage, antique diamonds, and the rarity and cost. Every vintage and handmade wedding ring has its own story, just like you and your partner have a story. 

With so many different types of rings, you might be wondering what are the most popular women’s diamond wedding bands today?

The Best Women Diamond Rings

Before we explore the most popular diamond wedding bands, it is important to note that diamond wedding rings are different from engagement rings.

Of course, wedding rings are only worn after the wedding ceremony, but there are still some other differences. The wedding band, for instance, is typically simpler in style and doesn’t usually have a centerpiece stone.

The beauty of diamond wedding bands is that you will still enjoy the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds, even if you don’t wear your engagement ring. Diamond wedding bands can be worn alone, and you don’t have to worry about the stones scratching the metals of other rings you may want to wear.

Here are some of the most popular women’s diamond rings today:

Sapphire Baguette and Brilliant Round Diamond Anniversary Band >

Round and Baguette Cut Bar Set Diamond Wedding Band (0.76 ct. t.w)

Round Cut Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Band (0.56

Double Row Bar Set Diamond Wedding Band (0.60

Bright Lights Diamond Wedding Band

Beaded Floral Design Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Band

Elegant Leaf Design Diamond Fancy Ring (0.33

Classic Channel Set Ladies Diamond Wedding Ring (0.21

Low Set Trellis Setting 7 Stone Round Shank Anniversary Band (3/4 ct. t.w.)

How to Choose a Women’s Diamond Wedding Ring

We hope that taking a look at some of these best sellers gives you some inspiration!

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When it comes to picking out a wedding ring, it’s best to start shopping at least three to four months before the actual wedding day itself.

Many couples shop for wedding rings together so that they have matching bands or rings that are similar in style. Some couples simply want the experience of picking out rings together.

Whatever ring you choose out of all the women’s diamond wedding rings, there is no wrong or right answer. It all comes down to your taste and personal preference. Remember, the ring is supposed to mean something to you and your partner for a lifetime, so pick a diamond ring that you love!