How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry at Home

Whether it’s that gorgeous diamond engagement ring or your cherished diamond wedding band, learning how to clean your diamond jewelry at home is a great way to save much-needed time and money. After all, who has the patience to get their jewelry professionally cleaned – and who wants to spend the money when you can do it yourself at home?

If you want to shine new life on your diamond engagement ring or wedding band, here’s what you need to know about cleaning your diamond jewelry at home:

Get Back to the Basics

When it comes to cleaning diamond jewelry, you want to ensure that you use basic cleaning tools, like soap and water. Use a gentle soap – for example, you don’t want to use the same fast-acting cleansing soap that you use for dirty dishes. To really get into the crevices of your diamond jewelry, use a bristled brush. However, the key here is to use a brush with soft bristles; while diamonds may be among the strongest materials on earth, you still want to treat yours gently!

Keep an Eye on the Small Stuff

It goes without saying that your diamond jewelry is small and difficult to keep hold of. Add to the fact that you’ll be using slippery soap during your cleaning session, and it’s easier to see why plenty of people end up losing their diamond jewelry down drains. Keep an eye on the small stuff by ensuring that your drain is completely plugged up. That way, if your diamond engagement ring ends up slipping out of your hands, you won’t experience that awful heart-stopping moment that comes hand-in-hand with watching your ring disappear down the drain.

Use the Softest Materials

We already emphasized the importance of using a soft bristle brush when cleaning your diamond jewelry. However, the need for soft materials doesn’t end there. We recommend using a soft, lint-free towel to dry off your diamond. You can also use the cloth that you use to clean your eyeglasses, as this is a great way to effectively eliminate any smudges on your beautiful diamond jewelry.

When in Doubt, Turn to the Professionals

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of handling your diamond jewelry yourself, you can also get it professionally cleaned at your local jeweler’s. The cost is generally affordable, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your precious diamond is in the hands of a professional.

Use these tips and techniques to effectively clean your diamond jewelry at home!

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