How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Here at 25karats, we know that when it comes to that unique engagement ring or that perfect wedding ring, quality trumps quantity. However, depending on the type of setting and cut of the diamond ring that your sweetheart has been longing for, it’s all too easy for smaller diamonds to get overwhelmed. Luckily, you don’t have to acquire the budget of a Hollywood star to afford a larger diamond ring.

Instead, these tips and tricks will help you make that diamond ring look bigger – and when your sweetheart insists that you broke the bank for her, it can be our little secret!

Engagement rings that feature round-shaped diamonds are often guilty of making gemstones look much smaller, due to the fact that the solitary diamond is the centerpiece of the band. Therefore, if your budget doesn’t afford you a larger diamond, avoid these cuts to maximize the appearance of that sparkling gemstone.

Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring
Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring
So what shapes do make a smaller diamond appear deceptively larger? A pave setting is the best type of ring setting for tricking the eye: it may appear to be a continuous ring of diamonds, but tiny holes within the band allow for smaller diamonds to be inserted. These smaller diamonds are set close together and are level at the surface, which tricks the eye into thinking that there are a lot more large diamonds than what are actually there.

Additionally, the Asscher cut (also known as the “square emerald cut”) is a popular fancy cut that can certainly maximize the appearance of a smaller diamond. Because the Asscher cut diamond ring is considered a fancy cut, this means that it reflects light better and appears more brilliant than round stones of equal carat weight. Therefore, thanks to the fancy cut, a smaller stone will often have more brilliancy and fire than a larger one – and that makes all the difference!

A bezel setting can highlight the beauty of a small diamond, as the rim of the engagement ring completely envelops the gemstone. To make the diamond appear even larger, choose a white gold or platinum setting, as this will blend with the borders of the diamond and deceive the naked eye. If a single diamond won’t please your honey, choose a ring setting with plenty of side stones, as no single diamond will be the focal point. Your sweetheart’s ring will lose that showpiece diamond, but it will certainly make the overall appearance more flashy and luxurious than a ring with a single diamond! Shallow cut stones can also provide those with a limited budget with the appearance of a larger diamond ring, although this does come with a risk: because shallow stones are not cut to the ideal proportion, they don’t reflect light as brilliantly as their counterparts.

No matter what the size or shape of the engagement ring or wedding band you pick for your sweetheart, 25karats will be there to ensure that your unique diamond ring reflects the eternal bond between you and your loved one!