The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing an engagement ring for your future fiancée can be quite a stressful event; not only you have to choose a ring that will look beautiful for the rest of your marriage, but the ring also has to reflect the unique and special bond that the two of you share. With all of this at stake, it’s no wonder that many people find engagement ring shopping to be as confusing as solving a quantum physics equation!

However, we at are here to take the guesswork out of your engagement ring shopping experience. We’ve outlined some of the most popular engagement ring styles below, and how you’ll be able to identify them. So stop worrying and start shopping for a ring that’s as beautiful as your intended!

Solitaire Rings.
One of the most popular trends to emerge in the twentieth-century, solitaire rings have a single diamond as the focal piece, with no other jewels or gems on the band. This simplistic and elegant design is meant to reflect the one love that you share with your partner; and since the solitaire diamond engagement ring can be less expensive than other designs, you can afford to buy a bigger rock to take your partner’s breath away!

Rings With Side Stones. If a single diamond isn’t your cup of tea, then look for rings with side stones as another popular engagement ring style. While there is still a larger diamond at the center of three stone diamond engagement ring, there will be other diamonds or gems either surrounding the large diamond or on the ring band. These additional rocks can enhance the size of the focal stone, or at least add to the illusion that it’s bigger!

Tension Rings. This new trend is certain to please a fiancée who’s looking for something unique. Like the solitaire diamond ring, there’s just a single diamond on showcase – however, this diamond is literally suspended within the band by two prongs. Tension ring is a popular choice for those couples looking to demonstrate the power and uniqueness of their special bond.

Three Stone Rings. Want to find a ring with lots of meaning behind it? Then try on a three stone diamond engagement ring for size, as these engagement ring styles are meant to represent the journey you and your partner have taken in the past, are on in the present and will take in the future. With three diamonds as the centerpiece (each one represents a stage in your union), this engagement ring style is certainly a showstopper!

Matching Bridal Sets. This new trend has a lot of significant meaning similar to that of the three stone ring, as the matching bridal set is meant to represent the joining of the couple in matrimony. Since matching bridal sets come with two bands, this symbolizes the two rings that are so pivotal in matrimony: the engagement ring and the wedding band. Matching bridal sets can fuse these two rings into one, which means your beloved will never be without both rings.

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