When It Comes To Diamond Rings, What Should You Pick: Quality or Quantity?

There’s no denying that buying a diamond ring for your sweetheart will be a major life-changing decision. Whether it’s a promise ring for your love, an engagement ring, or a beautiful anniversary band, you want to make sure that your sweetheart is going to be wildly thrilled with the diamond ring you’re about to present her.

But there may be something holding you back from making your purchase. Popular culture tells us the bigger the ring, the better it is – but that’s not always true. Unless you have a massive budget, a bigger diamond engagement ring is going to cost you a serious amount of money (think in the five figures and up).

If you’re looking for a cheaper large diamond engagement ring, you’ll need to think about the fact that the ring won’t be flawless – and that’s something that’s just not acceptable for some women who’ve been waiting their entire lives for their dream diamond rings.

So when it comes to diamond rings, what should you pick: quality or quantity?

The answer is a maddening “it depends.” Ultimately, the final decision should rest with the person who is receiving the diamond ring. If your honey has a keen eye for diamond quality and won’t accept anything less than the best, then you may only be able to afford a smaller diamond ring. If your sweetheart is more about the show-stopping size, it makes sense that she wouldn’t necessarily care about the flaws and blemishes within the diamond.

But you’re not about to ask your sweetheart how she feels about diamonds – that will just give the game away!

So how can you find a happy medium between these classic debates? The answer is simple: opt to prioritize the cut of the ring. Many women may not have a firm idea about the flaws and blemishes they’re willing to accept within a diamond, but they’re certainly able to point out the cut that speaks to them. Additionally, the cut of a diamond ring can make all the difference in terms of shine and luster. The better the cut, the more the diamond will sparkle, even with small blemishes and flaws.

Whether you’re ready to propose to your sweetheart or want to give her a gift she’ll never forget, remember that the quality vs. quantity doesn’t always matter as long as you’re getting her a ring that speaks to her unique and beautiful personality.

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