Why Choose an Antique Engagement Ring as Shipping These Get Easier

Antique engagement rings, especially the vintage over 50-year old pieces, have begun to incite popular interest, especially among the young. One of the reasons for the renewed interest in such classic jewelry has been induced by the convenience of shipping the same, even to parts of the world that lay miles apart. Moreover, the increasing competition among rising brands in the industry has led to a dip in prices, much to the delight of potential consumers.

There is enough emotional attachment to a vintage band or accessory, especially if it had belonged to an elder one in your family. However, off-the-shelf antique engagement rings bought from online or real-world dealers also have their share of advantages. Let’s take a closer look at the same:

* Significance – Whether it is the emotional importance that a vintage jewelry set may hold for you or the historical significance of a Victorian-era antique engagement ring, they are different from conventional ornaments. Therefore, even if you offer a small band or a subdued stone to your fiancée, it still outclasses the contemporary jewelry through its sheer worth.

* Rarity – The rarity of the vintage jewelry is also an USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Every woman loves to have an exclusive set presented to them for their wedding. And there is no better way to provide an inimitable present as an antique engagement ring. These days, you can also have custom designs inscribed onto the band or stones to give the accessory a special appeal!

* Craftsmanship – Unlike contemporary sets, antique engagement bands are far more superior as far as craftsmanship is concerned. This is mostly because of the quality of skilled labor and the time required for manufacturing available in the earlier era.

* Enhanced Elegance – The elegance and splendor of such antique engagement rings are unrivalled. From three-stone sets to colored gemstone mounts and diamond solitaires, such vintage sets ooze class and confidence as opposed to the modern versions.

* Worth a Bargain – Even though this advantage has waned a bit in recent years, buying an antique engagement ring is wide open to bargain options. Moreover, dealers are more likely to offer discounts and special offers on such jewelry accessories as they are often priced on the higher side.

Vintage jewelry may cost you a bit more than conventional bands, but is worth every penny spent extra. However, the costs can be negotiated with and an affordable is often at hand. All you need to do is research well.

With hundreds of jewelry dealers available online, getting the ideal deal is not a tough call anymore. Portals like ’25Karats.com’ can offer exquisite pieces of vintage jewelry, with stones like diamond and emeralds mounted on the same.

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