8 Ways to Wear Octagon Wedding Bands

Octagon wedding bands are a modern and creative spin on traditional round designs and there are many different ways to incorporate an octagon cut ring into wedding band designs. Read on to find out not only the different ways you can wear an octagon wedding ring but how to incorporate the cut into other forms of jewelry.

Replace Round with Octagon

Octagonal wedding bands put a subtle twist, yet glamorous twist on the traditional wedding ring but still fit flatly against your finger. The design has eight equal sides all around it to provide an interesting shape that could be described as both art deco and modern.

Stack Them!

Octagonal wedding rings can be incorporated into the popular jewelry trend of stacking rings, whether you’re stacking only octagon cut rings or mixing them in with other styles. By pairing pretty octagon wedding bands with rings of other shapes, the octagon design gives your stack a gorgeous, striking detail.


Opt for the Ascher Cut

Choosing diamonds in various shapes has become a big trend in bridal jewelry and one of these shapes is the Ascher Cut. The Ascher Cut has wide-set facets and clipped corners, giving it a beautiful eight-sided shape that nicely compliments an octagonal wedding band. This makes for a fancy, brilliant, supremely elegant diamond.

Give it a Twist with the Emerald Cut

In addition to the Ascher Cut, an Emerald Cut diamond will work great with an octagon wedding band. The shape of an Emerald Cut diamond is a bit longer and has a more rectangular shape, making for a less traditional diamond shape that will stand out. By choosing the Emerald Cut, you can still achieve octagonal elegance but with a larger size.

Wear a Halo

The Helo trend in bridal jewelry, which involves creating a border of diamonds or gemstones all around the main stone of the ring, looks like it’s here to stay. Choosing an octagonal Halo for your ring is a great way to give it a unique shape while also increasing the size of the central diamond and adding to its shine. Again, this is a great pairing with an octagonal wedding ring. An octagon diamond with a matching octagon border on an octagon wedding band is a great way to put a modern twist on the vintage Halo trend.


Make Opposites Attract

A Halo can do more than just highlight your central diamond – it can be an eye-catching part of your ring in its own right. For instance, you can pair an octagon halo with a round-cut diamond or use the octagon halo to bring different elements to your ring, providing angles, color, and eye-catching beauty to your wedding band.

Raise it Up

If you are wearing an octagon diamond, you’ll likely want to show off its unique shape. This can be achieved with a Cathedral Setting which makes use of prongs to hold the diamond in place while metals frame it on both of its sides. The Cathedral Setting is a fabulous way to make your ring more distinctive and works on both octagon wedding bands and regular ones.


Dazzle with Smaller Octagon Diamonds

If your octagon diamond is a little smaller, a Channel Setting on your wedding band will be more suitable than the Cathedral. The octagon diamond still dazzles in the channel setting because it consists of small diamonds or gemstones running along the wedding band on either side of the central diamond. It contributes to the ring’s overall brilliance and is great if you want lots of bling!

Keep these tips in mind when shopping our selection of Octagon wedding bands and rings so you can infuse them, and the rest of your jewelry, with unique twits and make them stand out.

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