Everlasting love: How to adequately take care of your wedding band

Your wedding band symbolizes your lifelong union; take care of it, ensuring your treasure lasts with these tips for keeping your ring looking tip-top.

“You’ve Got to Take It Off Now and Then.” (Always Sunny, anyone?)

But your wedding ring is sparkly! How can you stand to take it off? Nevertheless, certain activities aren’t conducive to shiny-ring wearing. Remove your ring when you are:

  • Gardening — Play in the dirt without getting your favorite ring dirty,
  • Cleaning — If you’re using harsh chemicals, it’s best to take off your ring and put it in a safe place (we’ll come back to that in a minute).
  • Cooking — It isn’t the end of the world, but getting hot oil, garlic, and sauce on your wedding ring is less than ideal.
  • Working Out — Before you pick up that dumbbell, take a minute to remove your ring. You don’t want to scratch your piece.

Keep The Beauty Products Away From Your Ring

Lotion, sunscreen, perfume, and other beauty products can actually do some serious damage to your wedding ring. These chemical-containing lotions and potions can actually alter the look of your diamond and accidentally etch colored stones. So take them off before application and wait until they’ve been fully absorbed into the skin before putting your ring back on.


Have a Designated Spot For Your Ring

It’s a good idea to have a “special place” for your ring. This will help you keep track of it and keep pets, kids, and absent-minded husbands from picking it up or sweeping it into the trash with the junk mail (every ring-wearing lady’s nightmare).

Avoid the temptation of “just putting it on the counter” for convenience sake. If you’re worried about time, perhaps you could have two spots: a little bowl on the window sill and a little jewelry holder in either your bedroom or bathroom. This will lessen the likelihood of your ring being damaged or lost.

Have It Professionally Cleaned

Many jewelers will professionally clean your ring free of charge, so take advantage of this awesome service. Opt to do it once or twice a year, and you’ll keep your heirloom looking wonderful for years to come.

Have a Backup Ring For Some Occassions

It’s good to have a pretty, less expensive “wedding ring” when you’re worried about losing it. You can get one from your preferred jeweler or even online from a marketplace. (In fact, many companies are even having Memorial Day Sales right now.)

When might this be a good option?

There are many times examples that come to mind. If you are traveling out of the country on a budget and couch surfing in Europe, it might be wise to take a good looking “fake” with you. Or if you’re heading on a hiking trip, bring your budget ring. You’ll stress less and sleep well knowing it’s safe at home.

How do you take care of your ring? Leave your comments in the space below!